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We could all use a little soothing superficial news of a fashionable flavor. After carefully observing
everything from designers to mass-produced labels, you will find that there is no need to worry about
keeping up with a trendy wardrobe. The days of strictly "hot" or "not" that had us fearing the roving radar
of the Fashion Police have taken a recess. Of course, magazines will continue to sing the praises of some
reworked garment and dance around a few designers, but the real truth is common sense. Wear what looks
good on you. This does not imply that designers have run out of ideas, simply, the volume of styles and
labels currently available call for body conscious creativity. Do not allow yourself to be dictated by the so-
called "Fashion experts." To be dictated by fashion is to become a victim indeed. While wading through post
millennium style, let's keep these things in mind. Beginning with a clamoring for vintage items like fanciful
jewelry from the 20s, dresses from the 50s (think Betty Grable), and coats and jeans from the 70s
(referencing Farrah and the Angels) how can anybody hope to avoid the floodlights of fashion wearing
any one of those things ? It is not possible to police a metropolis of people each wearing something
timeless and unique. Certain looks can also become staple pieces that are impractical to part with. For
example, tossing your pencil pants, twinsets, and polo blouses means you have given up an entire "preppy
look". Fashion also gives a nod to Mod each season that the mini skirt and color blocking bounces back into
circulation. But -- when did women intending to flaunt their legs ever stop sporting the mini ? Hip Hop labels
such as Karl Kani, Pele Pele, and Phat Farm (no reel around the barnyard) sent skeptics choking on their
negative assumptions as the gear transcended the urban scene and wound up on Chanel and Dior's high
fashion runways. The proof that many people are wearing it. Also, a number of people have confessed to
being thrilled at the return of redesigned 80s opulence (lvana) and trash dressing (Madonna).

We still see people looking like a sensational Saturday night in batwing sleeves, platform stilettos, and gold
chains. Yes, the Fever is still with us. The bohemian glamour of the 70s thrives with a resurgence of hand
tooled leather bags, belts, chunky knitted coats, and of course turquoise jewelry. It's even cool to be grungy,
(millennium translation: Skater) especially if you're young. Without grunge gear, how is the skater / grunge
music culture supposed to survive ? Considering the mass indulgence of hi-tech sneakers and near
microscopic communication devices, humankind has been suiting up for the future for years. Forget nations
of creatures from the Great Beyond, Earth already has her share of cross-eyed beings dazed by the tiny
writing on their radioactive cell phones. No matter what time it is the clothes have to work for the wearer
in both the color and the cut. Like a bad hairstyle, if the cut or color isn't flattering -- well, you could forget
about it. Or for the really self-conscious: avoid all social activity. But let's be real. The point is to be noticed,
if at all -- for looking good. What you wear should compliment and not discredit you. Nobody wants
celebrity syndrome: a bunch of bad photos because you looked too much the part of something you're not.
This means wearing the wrong makeup and boasting big hair or tight clothes if they don't work well on you.
There are ways to make the look of the moment become your own. That secret lies in taste and imagination.
Use your resources. Mirrors and true friends don't lie. Do not hesitate to wear things that look great even if
they aren't "trendy." When you think Fashion is a sickness, have a bowl of chicken soup. It will make you
feel better. If not for the love of shopping, what sends us flying back to the stores because that
dapper houndstooth coat and pretty ruffled blouse isn't good enough any more ??? There we find
part of ourselves. -- Laura E. Williams

Chicken Soup and A Cup of Fashion
Winter 2001
A Key To Peace
Birth Dreams
Anton, hand made leatherworks, NYC. We rate Anton
4 Stars **** when you want to be Superstar material.
Sean John's Winter 2001/02 Collection
Making their own cup of Fashion.
Elizabeth Taylor with a high fashion Jeweled Henry Dunay mask.
Payne Stewart's pant and socks. Looking
good on the course. And in the green.
The original Totally Cool t-shirt etched
in stone.
Shannon wearing crystal and gold headpiece with
lace Wedding Dress, "The Nicole" by Manale.
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