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Among the 31st New Directors / New Films Festival held in New York
at The Museum of Modern Art is what could turn out to be, upon its release,
a very controversial documentary film called "Daughter from Danang." It
is the story of a young lady named Heidi Bub who when she was a baby her
mother gave her up to be airlifted to America for adoption. It was said that
the Viet Cong were killing American babies that were sired by the American
Military. After growing up in a small town called Pulaski, Tennessee, with
a single adoptive mother who threw her out of the house when she was 20
(because she did not follow the house rules and curfews), Heidi felt even
more abandoned and sought out her real Vietnamese mother. She manages
to find her birthmother from a previously written letter her Mom sent to an
American adoption agency. Clearly, although her Mother had other children,
every day for 22 years Heidi's Mom never stopped thinking about her daughter
Hiep. (Renamed Heidi in America.) At this point Heidi and her real mother
meet each other with Heidi's Vietnames family of siblings and her Mom's
husband. Everyone was in tears and much love was displayed. After a week
or so in Vietnam, however -- there was a discussion through an interpreter
that Heidi was expected to financially take care of her poor Vietnamese
family for the rest of their lives, since she was now a rich American. Heidi
who felt so loved unconditionally until that moment now felt deceived and
angry. The story turns in the direction of deep drama. I was asked by our
Editorial Director , "so what is the good news here" ? And it is found in
the end of the story. Heidi leaves her family and puts the past behind her.
She smiles and says she has: closed the door on them ... but -- she has not
locked it. The Film has already won its collaborative filmmakers Gail Dolgin
(an American) and Vicente Franco (from Madrid) The 2002 Grand Jury
Prize at the Sundance Film Festival held annually in Utah.

from Danang"
"900 Women"
A film about
real life inside
St. Gabriel
one of the
United States
By first time
Laleh Khadivi
(212) 807 - 1400
"The Critic's Corner" Sounds & Scenes . . . by Bettina Cirone

"Critic's Corner"
c. 1994 --
A Totally Cool creation of Film & Music review.
Take A Look
Spring 2002
The Fashion Well

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