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You might also like to know ...

Coupets L.L.C. (Wheeling, Ill.) recently introduced the National Pet Coupon
book, a unique fundraising program with nationally redeemable coupons featuring pet
products and pet services. Manufacturers and service providers pay nothing to have
a coupon in the book, fundraisers pay only for the books that are sold during their
fundraising campaigns, and buyers get valuable discount coupons. For more
information, call 877-919-8893 or visit www.coupets.com.
Newleaf Designs in Chanhassen, Minnesota received certification from the
National Sanitary Foundation for its complete line of Vita-Bin scoop bins and gravity
feed bins.
Nutro Products Inc. (City of Industry, Calif.) launched a program in conjunction
with the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation to feed all Federal Emergency
Management Agency Certified Disaster Search Canines in the United States. The
Foundation will distribute vouchers from Nutro to the canine handlers.
Pet in Europe, covering a broad range of topics for the European pet sector, made
its debut in January. Affiliated with pet-Euro-Fachmagazin, Germany's leading pet
trade publication, the new magazine is published by the Dähne Verlag Gmbh
(Ettlingen, Germany). For more information, visit www.petonline.de.
According to "The Pet Industry: Food, Accessories, Health Products and
Business Communication Company in Norwalk, Connecticut --
In America alone, pet owners spend more than: 27 billion dollars per year on
their pets. Also the 4th annual "Take Your Dog To Work Day" organized
by Pet Sitters International and sponsored exclusively by The Iams Co., will be
held Friday, June 21. The event is designed to promote the benefits of dog
ownership and to encourage adoptions from animal shelters, humane societies
and rescue clubs. For more information, contact PSI at (336) 983-9222.
Breaking News: Census Shows Dogs and Cats Have Taken Up Residency
In A Majority Of U.S. Homes.

According to H.H. Backer Associates PET AGE MAGAZINE . . .
A majority - 55% - of all American households are home to at least one dog
or cat.. The results are part of a study by The Pet Food Institute (Washington).
Recognized as the "census" of dog and cat populations in the United States,
PFI's "Pet Incidence Trend Report" found more than 75 million cats and more
than 60 million dogs living in American homes. On average, the study shows,
cat-owning households are home to two cats, while dog-owning households
are home to one canine companion.

The MagaZine
Totally Cool ® "In The Pet Department"
- Pet News - courtesy of Pet Age
Magazine and H. H. Backer Associates.

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