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"Sounds & Scenes" c. 2002 -- Photos by Bettina Cirone.
All rights reserved. ToTaLLy CoOL .

The Music Credit:
Hide Away
Goddess in the Doorway
Michael Jagger
on Virgin Records

Welcome to the World of Sounds & Scenes !
Music & Film
Jewel & Brenda Lee
Brenda Lee, Isaac Hayes, and The Ramones were honored by The
Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame
as those selected to be featured in the Museum's
permament Roster of recognized musicians (Prophets of Vibration) who
have made it to the Spotlight and added an element of Culture to the race
we call Humankind. Commenting on that subject of Fame and his view
of it, Isaac Hayes said during the reception held at the Waldorf Astoria:
when I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror I see the same
person that I have seen all my life -- so I don't feel any different about
myself even though I have been honored. Mr. Hayes went on to say he
feels "grateful and lucky." When he went to the Academy Awards as a
nominee his date was his Grandmother. He wanted her to experience that
special moment in his Life. He did not have a speech prepared since he
really did not expect to win. Grandma told Isaac this would be the night,
he would win. Still he could not believe it.
When Isaac Hayes was a small boy in Tennessee he would watch the
planes go by and would think ... some day he would be up in one of those
planes. When he went to work at the palatial homes of the wealthy he
thought to himself "I am going to have a house like this some day." When
he saw a beautiful car he thought he would have a car like that one day
also. Isaac proved all he thought was true as a child: "If you want
something enough, you will eventually get it."
photos by
Bettina Cirone
That musical Gem known as Jewel was a presenter at the event. She
inducted musical legend Brenda Lee. Brenda being so moved said she
never expected the Award because the current generation had never
heard of her. So she was ToTaLLy surprised. Brenda's first top 10
single was a song called "Sweet Nothin's" in 1960. "I'm Sorry" which
was her first gold record is still her biggest seller today. Brenda is
known for her seasonal holiday
music. Such as "Rock around
the Christmas Tree" which was
her first Christmas Standard.
Brenda Lee has sold over 100
million records and has sold
more records then any other
woman in the whole History
of Recorded Music to date.
Brenda Lee has 29 Gold
records plus she has sold
more double sided hits than
any other women in Pop Music.
Jewel was also asked what fans
can expect of her next release,
she replied: "Shit !" Jewel said
putting all kidding aside: "What
do they expect me to say ? Its
going to be really good."
DD Ramone's acceptance
speech for their award went like
this: "I want to thank mvself and
to congratulate mvself and give
mvself a big pat on the back."
And we would add: why not !
Totally Cool sends a big
"CONGRATS !" to all. Lots of
Love. Stay tunes !!!

by Bettina Cirone
Take A Look
Spring 2002
The Fashion Well

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