May 2002 Milla Cover.
photo by Gilles Bensimon
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The Music Credit:
Flip / Geffen Records

Top photo: May 2002 Issue Elle Magazine
NYC Oscar de la Renta Feb 2000 Runway
Jennifer Graylock / Fashion Wire Daily /
AP Wideworld Photos. "A Day and the
Life of" bought to you by Totally Cool ,
"Something that comes From The Heart."
"Ta ta ta tot ta ly - - - - , m a n,
do you get it ???"
What a great shot -- In 2 to
4 seconds these intruders
will be without signs. No
signs, No protest.
was made and the future
was changed. Pictured
here is the 1st time in 20
years someone rose up
against PETA terror tactics
and took them down.
Congratulations to the
man with the Bugs Bunny
on his coat. We see you
in Elle. Yet, we keep him
unnamed. The message,
we think was, if you want
to protest do it outside. Or
come in and friendly.
May 2002 Elle Magazine,
page 88,
PETA decided
to sponsor Marc Bouwer.
Was it really 9/11 or a
better way of thinking ?
The Future Changed.
What was cool about the PETA takedown
event was that it was done by someone who
loves animals and for the most part does not
wear Fur. Noting the plight that certain animal
conditions should be heard, and recognized,
we so note ... the protester standing on 7th
Avenue and 33rd Street in New York City
March 2002 during the arrival of the Circus
Elephants. The protester was holding a sign
that had a picture of an Elephant with a chain
around one leg (which allowed the elephant
movement) : while the protester was standing
there pulling tightly a metal chain choker collar
on their pit bull ... as the dog was -gagging-
and gasping for air. Picture that. So noted.
In the Land of The 5th Element.
From Joan of Arc to Resident Evil
all in one Lifetime. What next ?
We were there.
Were you there ?
Stay Tuned. There Is
Much Coming And Much
More To Be Sprung.
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Spring 2002
The Fashion Well

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