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Winter 2001
Laurie Schechter
c. 2002 - Totally Cool . All RIghts Reserved
TC Profiles:
Dr. Sue Eisen
First let us say Dr. Susan Eisen is a Twin. So you can imagine what
that does to you when her and her sister are in the same place at the
same time. This is Susan. When she was 10 years old she wanted
to be an artist. She thought this was the thing to do because she had
a natural ability to draw whatever she saw with: exact detail. Even
as she graduated high school that is what she was going to be. She
was going to be "an Artist." Somehow she got so busy her with
gymnastics and other things she forgot to put together a portfolio.
Susan announced to her mother that she would delay entering college
one year in order to develop a proper portfolio. As you might expect,
mom was not enthralled by the idea and ordered Susan to college,
stating: "no daughter of mine would not be futhering her education."
"You're going to college and study pre-Med", Mom declared. Lucky
for Susan in her heart she loved biology and the human species as
much as she loved her talent in Art.
"Chiropratic was not by any means
my first choice as a Profession."
So, off to College she went. "Chiropratic was not by any means my first choice as a Profession. Most pre-
Med students have a secret desire to be veterinarians. A throwback from childhood days. Although, when
you go to college everyone who is close to you has advice to offer ... Don't be a psychologist, it doesn't
pay enough. You'll never make it into Veterinary School. Don't you know you need a 4.0 average. There
are only 20 Veterinary colleges in the U.S. ... and so on and so on." But what Susan discovered when she
started taking classes was that she had a natual affinity for Chemistry. She thought maybe she would be
a biochemist ... find a cure for A.I.D.S. All the while she had a boyfriend who was going to a Chiropratic
college, whispering in her ear, "why don't you become a Chiropractor, think how wonderful that would
be." Susan didn't tell him at the time that the only reason she tolerated his going to Chiropractic school
was because he was her boyfriend and she wanted to be open-minded about his decisions in Life.
Susan was raised under the specter of traditional medical orthodoxy -- if you have a bone problem you go
to an Orthopedist. If you have a problem with your ears you go to an Ears and Throat specialist. You
can see her dilemma. She was not certain Chiropractic was for her. She had been seeing a Chiropractor
as well, mostly to satisfy her boyfriend's ego. And Susan was not entirely thrilled with the treatment,
nor the level of expertise. We'll get back to that later. Then the time came when little Miss Eisen had
to meet her boyfriend at his school. What she discovered was that Chiropractic was not founded on
unscientific principles. The class structure was quite common to that of other colleges. Susan mentioned
to her boyfriend she would also like to meet with the best Chiropractor there and maybe he could make a
recommendation as to the treatment she was receiving from her own Doctor. Susan did meet with this
new person and she was very surprised at the level of expertise and the amount of information he gleaned
from one evaluation. The technique he utilized was called the Sacro Occipital Technique or SOT for short.
This Chiroprator was unlike the practitioner she was seeing. Susan decided that the World could use one
more really decent Chiropractor. A good lesson learned -- there are many kinds of Doctors out there and
there are many different brands of Chiropractic approaches. Someone who does not know what they are
doing or someone who does not continuously perfect their expertise may do more damage than good.
The Music Credit:
World I Live
Collective Soul
7even Year Itch
Atlantic Recording

The MagaZine
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