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The MagaZine

Winter 2001

TC Profiles: Dr. Susan Eisen
Now ... Susan was going to Chiropratic school. Armed with the
thought she would only be a SOT practitioner and anything else was
unacceptable. That wasn't exactly what transpired. "Did you ever
notice how smart you thought you were when you were 20", Susan
Eisen asks ? Susan would say that she is a skeptic about everything
and she is the kind of person that needs to have things proven to her.
Chiropractic College is 4 years of medical learning similar to the
curriculum in any medical school. Anatomy and Physiology Diagnosis,
Microbiology, most many times over and for every different organ
system. Four years hence ... Susan graduates from chiropractic school.

"Did you ever notice how Smart you thought you were when you were 20 ?"
Why Dr. Susan Eisen is so different from other chiropractors, which actually is the reason for this story,
if I forgot to mention it earlier, the answer is: because she fixes backs. I mean she really fixes backs. Dr.
Sue Eisen is The Doctor of the Catwalk, catering to stars -- agents -- models -- public relations people --
photographers -- and anyone on the run. If someone comes in with a structural problem with his or her
spine she erases the structural problem and sends them on their way. If someone comes in with scoliosis
(curvature of the spine) she does her best to erase that as well. Of course, age does play a role in that
condition. Dr. Eisen tells us "I don't know why other chiropractors don't do this but I went out and bought
a $10,000.00 table. That's part of my secret weapon. Don't let any chiropractor tell you that: it doesn't
matter. Equipment does matter. Would you rather drive a Toyota RAV-4 or a BMW X-5. decide.
There is a difference. Like, night and day. (Sorry to any RAV drivers, but I'm sure you all would prefer
to drive a BMW X-5)." Susan goes on, "The other part of my secret weapon is that I'm not afraid to
give cost-free life altering tips to my patients which will decrease their need to see me in the office with
dizzying frequency. Something that I think all chiropractors should ponder."

What sets Chiropractic apart from medicine is the basic principle that every bodily function is governed
by the nervous system and that all systems are under the auspices of the central nervous system, your
brain and spinal cord. This is where chiropractic medicine comes into focus. The basic principle further
states that all nerves once outside of the spinal cord region (now called the peripheral nervous system)
can be affected by any vertebral bones in the spinal column that are moved out of place. When asked
for a point of view Susan told us, "There are many ways to adjust or manipulate the spine. We learned
at least 15 different ways school. The thing is some techniques are more evolved than others. Not
all chiropractic techniques are created equal." Of course Susan is telling you this at the risk of being
lambasted by her own colleagues.
Susan admits she was able to expand chiropractic horizons at school and uses a variety of chiropractic
techniques (including SOT) in order to accomplish her targeted goals with her clients. So the next time.
you don't get a desired result with a healthcare provider remember there's a whole wide world out there.
Find a Doctor -- who you trust. As a closing note Dr. Sue Eisen had one more thing to say, "if you
actually need help, you can call for all of the advice I can possibly offer over the phone (free of charge).
See you at the Fashion Shows." Dr. Eisen has offices in Manhattan and ... New Jersey.

What we learned in this story is the greater revelation.
"In Life: Art can take on many forms" ... as you discover who you are.
The MagaZine
The Music Credit:
World I Live
Collective Soul
7even Year Itch
Atlantic Recording

On to Birth Dreams
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