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Winter 2001

Editor-In-Chief: Laurie Schechter
c. 2002 . . .
All RIghts Reserved.

Stay Tuned
The Music Credit:
Collective Soul
7even Year Itch
Atlantic Recording

TC: How did birth dreams come about ?
Andres: What an Artist does is take
elements that are there already and
reassembles them. You combine this and
this: and get a 3rd element. "Birth Dreams"
started more as a concept that I had. I am
always fascinated with the beginning of
things. You know ... I kept thinking the
beginning. The whole aspect of the fertility
in a woman. The whole aspect of Mother
Earth. Everything that had to do with the
beginning, things that gave Life. And also I
find it's not like you are creating things but
more like co-creating with the creator if you
will. I think what makes an image perhaps
interesting is that all of us, each one of us, is
going to have a different interpretation of it.
We see it from different perspectives based
on our own experiences.
TC: What about the Photo Art process ?
Andres: There's a lot of process. Each
image, if you notice, that I do you'll find
there is a different process actually used.
TC: For each
one ?
Andres: Yes.
There is not a
fixed process
that I do.
TC: Where do
you draw the
line, where do
you feel a
becomes Art ?
Andres: I think it becomes Art when it
becomes more than a picture of a thing
... when it becomes -- an Image. It is what
you see when you look at something and
you look at one aspect of that something
and your mind engages in a little game. A
certain intellectual emotional part of your
brain can enter into play here.
TC: When I look at Birth Dreams I always
focus on a particular point of the picture
(looking at the grid). It might not be the
same point that I focused on the last time I
looked at it. It is like this whole V right into
the image, at some point. So each person is
not only going to see the picture different --
but ... see the picture Different ! Different
things will pull someone else's balances.
One time you'll look and see the little door
on the left side. And then there are those
times when you are looking at every thing
happening around the knee or shoulder area.
Andres: Then there's the critic in California
who saw it Tender, though it looks industrial.
She said
"I look at it
and see the
It's a child
image. It
takes you
back. Yet it
is pleasant
Our whole
journey is
about beauty,
ultimate truth.
Birth Dreams
Photo Art by Andres Aquino
Photo Art by
Andres Aquino
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