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Goddess in the Doorway
The Music Credit:
Mick Jagger
on Virgin Records

Winter 2001
Editor-In-Chief: Laurie Schechter
Totally Cool . All RIghts Reserved
The MagaZine
TC: Birth Dreams makes me look and
ask what are you (each individual)
dreaming about when you are in the
womb ?
Andres: What goes through my mind
is the thought, the concept that has
been discussed by some: if we are
actually a dream of some one or some
thing else ? Is Life itself a dream ???
At one point we wake up and discover
that we've been dreaming all the time ?
TC: You talk about that thing I toss
around with our audience on occasion.
How would you know -- we're sitting
here right now -- how would you know
if this was a dream ? Well, we've all
been there. Anyone who has any time
under their belt. Even a 12 year old has
been there ... where you get into your
sleeping -- and you're in there -- and
you know it is a dream world -- and you
are engulfed there. Sometimes you can
have the point of view -- you are in the
dream and you know it is a dream, but it
is so real that you run with it and you've
just got to wait until you wake up. Then
there are those dreams where you are
in the dream and it is so real ... you
don't know it is a dream.
Andres: Right.
TC: You're in that real world.
Then all of a sudden you wake
up, you're rattled by something in
the dream or whatever, then you
realize ... oh it was only a dream.
Andres: But then again it could
be, for that moment, that was a
TC: There is a point there. Until
you wake up you won't ever
Andres: You know what is
interesting Richard is dreaming
of dreaming. I find that to be
fascinating. Because when you
have a dream and in that dream
you dream that you are actually
dreaming, at what point (at what
state in reality) are you now ?
You are not awake as we are
here but you're in the dream
knowing you are dreaming.
TC: You know -- like a story.
There's always 3 parts ... a
beginning, a middle, and an end.
This is like the middle and there
are the other 2 parts. Where
you come from. Where you are
Andres: As we go through Life
as soon as we arrive we know
that we are already in that train
station. And at that train station
we know we are already on our
way back. Funny thing. When
we arrive we realize: we have
been traveling already -- the
Journey. I like to make myself
think. I look at an image and
ask, "Am I saying something
here that will have any value ?"
I don't know. But the thing is
that you do something creative
because by creating something
you feel you are a part of the
whole cosmos, this whole
Universe. And you have to
identify yourself with it. That is
what an Artist does. Become
part of the reality that is out
there. But it is also internalized.
TC: Exactly, it is both.

"Conclusion" by
Andres Aquino
Interlude: Andres Aquino
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