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Sledge Hammer
The Music Credit:
Peter Gabriel
Geffen Records

Winter 2001
Totally Cool . All RIghts Reserved.
The MagaZine
The Key To Unity.
The Key To Peace.
This will be an interesting story
to tell because we are not going to
talk about who owns this but just
the mystery of what it is.

As we have learned ...
In the beginning, this end result:
started with clouds. They
represented Nature and
honored the glory of
those elements.
Then there was humanity. The
Ancients -- the mystery lingering
for thousands of years. The where
does it all come from. 3 Pyramids
represented that, with the power
and the glory.
What had entered the human
species was a logo. A symbol
that represented a purest of
pure: The kingdom of God ...
Life itself.
But there was Madness -- and
bloodshed flowing on the earth
seized the histories of old Holy
Lands as a new Holy Land was
emerging to help lead the World.
Hostages were taken 444 days.
Hatred was in many hearts
around the globe.
The Pen could see a balance was
needed in the times of this human
madness. A bare simple image
representing a "scale of balance"
was cast. Like this:
And look what happened:
Now ask yourself why and
how did this come to be ???
Get the picture ? It is
called. A Mystery.
Knowing the answer:
It is. The Key to Unity.
In the year 2002 ... we heard a New Yorker say "my Religion
is Totally Cool ." And surprisingly enough we heard another
person, Chris Sanchez, add ... "It's the best religion to have."
An Artist who came upon this mystery and saw
the logo was inspired. "Oil on canvas".
This intellectual property. What is most
interesting is the creator and owner of this
is not Jewish. (But without question,
definitely and obviously --
The keeper of ... Something.)
"Oil On Canvas" by J.C.
Did I hear an echo ...

my religion is "Totally Cool " too . . .
with love, RIchard david Renda.

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