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... place cursor over
car or boat. Is there
someone on the
phone ???
",,, with
2 eyes
The World !"
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This page is The Home of The Editorial Director. It
is called The Memo page. A playground. Just a
little structure to keep an order of events. It is not
open to the public. If you came here it is
because you were looking around.
pre-Spring: continuing saga ...
The Word Of God and --
plus always ongoing,
in Manhattan: TCTV.

June 1 thru June 14 prep Summer issue
TC - The MagaZine.

June 20th - Launch ToTaLLy CoOL (r)
The MagaZine "Summer issue."

Upon completion move focus to
ToTaLLy CoOL (r) The Store for
development of mid- Summer
presentation, and, prep 2nd level of
The Word Of God .com
July 4th Weekend (thereabouts)
launch the 2nd level: "The Entry Level ...Follow The Path.

Then continue with The Store

and prep / launch of: and ...

August - prep for Fall, Winter, and
Spring 2001 issues Totally Cool (r) The
Mag - keep consideration open for
Summer 2001 Issue.

September - move to take ToTaLLy
CoOL (r) The MagaZine to newsstands
Spring 2001.

2001 - Bring TCTV episodes to the web -
in part showings.

Move forword.

-preparing to build. And to Life comes
The Highest Order. Unity in whole.
The Earth Breathes.

Year 2000 ... going
Beware this is very
Spiritual and Holy
ground. Something
that comes from
The Inside. Like You.

The World of The Most
Profound. Walk softly.

Music playing is what I am
listening to. It changes.
From time to time.
Don't we all ???
I don't know.
I never change.
I am "True To Form",
officially the Hunter said.
We are The
Having Fun. ( ? )
Get Ready To Begin ...
The New Millennium - 2001

"A Space Oddity."
The Story of 7 Generations.
Now Playing:
This Is Cracker Soul
on: Virgin Records.
Spring 2000
March thru May 14 - prep
1st Presentation of ToTaLLy
CoOL (r) The MagaZine with

Mid May thru June 1 work on
Summer issue layout: TC Mag..

Onward and Forward...
The Way It is.
Enjoy Life: to the Fullest. Make it
easier for everyone.
In the end
- You -
do not lose.

Totally Cool (r) is an Internationally
Registered Trademark owned and
created exclusively by Richard David
Renda- U.S., France, Spain, Japan,
U.S. coypright holder of The Word of God.
Text and Sound Recording. Gate Keeper.
In History, Network Solutions, "whois" - c. 1981 - 2000 +

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