figured because you were looking
in that "Space" for a face you must
find something in this place. And that
--is the case. I am waiting for you.
So what are we to do ? Me and
you. A traveler in "Space" finding
your place.

Let's try what's a round and see if
you hear any sound. It is for your
pleasure. And by the way, how's
the weather ? Check out the talent.
Find truth and balance. Always
interestin' ... if you take a listen.
When you're ready return to your
journey. We'll make sure for your
stay you don't get lost along the way.

Remember me. (?) I remember
you. This is your place. An icon
called "Space."

I've been workin' on the railroad
all a live long day, I've been
working on the railroad -- wait !
That's not the right song. Let's
try something a bit more fun...
stop being so much on the run.

While we were hanging around
the Virgin closet we found this:

"American Woman" in the
Timberland Mix. Lenny Kravitz
of course at fine Records Stores
on a Virgin Records
Back to ...


Play all Tunes
LOUD. Always
play LOUD !
The way a tune goes.
On the platter.

You sure that's not in
the can ? Oh no its
the dip (!) not the dip.
Roger Rabbit.

The First ! ! !

c. Year 2000

Photo credit
New York Post
Summer 1982.
Okay which
of you cops
Shot "Spot",
or was that E.T. ?
I know. It was
some kind
of innocent
How about another tune
honey ... What's this ?
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