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The MagaZine

Winter 2001
Birth Dreams
A Key To Peace

That's just the way it is. Things will never be the same. As twisted as it
may be I'm feeling so comfortable with these fantasies of you, and me, and
she. She doesn't concern me. That bitch Karma. I think that she hates
me. I've lost count of the kisses, the licks, and the hugging and the fucking.
So payback for me has tipped the scale of Justice. There is none for me.
I'm wondering when she will show up -- Will I be in my big beautiful glass
house sitting at the table with my husband and three kids when all of a
sudden the doorbell rings. I'm disturbed. "We already have a vacumn
cleaner honey, or did they send another saleman. I don't think so because
There's this chick outside."

The Way It Is ...
Rated "PG" and "R" for "adult language."
by Indigo
Oh and s-h-e's very familiar. She reminds me of a mutual friend that I
knew from way back when. When hearts and moments felt stolen, because
it was. She remarks: "and you were bold, then complacent in your sin, you
never thought I'd show up did you." I say: "Yes, I've been waiting for the
day. Took you longer than I'd expected." My close friends who knew what
I was going through in my Eden, when I would indulge in this forbidden,
even warned me that you would try -- take the love that I would finally
make. Damn. I knew what was at stake if I ever fucked with you. Oh and
did I have the nerve to fuck with you. And like it, want it, need it. I hate it.
To Love you. Was it worth it ?" That bitch Karma begins to pack up all
my shit -- Repossess what was never mine -- it was only a matter of time.
I then realize something. She looks just like me, dresses like me, even
walks the way that I do ... with that swagger like me.

And then it hits me. She's my worst enemy. Someone that I should have
recognized at first sight. But closed was my 3rd eye. That Karma. Why
didn't I know ? Why couldn't eyes see ? That bitch is me. My worst

She's wearing red on her lips like the scorn of hell's fury and her smile is
wide. I don't know what to make of it, this unannounced visit. But I let
her in anyway. I don't know if it's my naivete or it is that I've been given
my time to enjoy my family bliss and ... what do I make of this.
The MagaZine
Editor-In-Chief: Laurie Schechter
c. 2002 . . .
All RIghts Reserved.

Stay Tuned
there is more to come

The Music Credit:
Collective Soul
7even Year Itch
Atlantic Recording

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