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The Music Credit:
The Chain
Fleetwood Mac
Reprise Records
worlwide !

The Dance --
Your Voice remains
through Time. It is
your identity.
Fleetwood Mac - What they teach and demonstrate by example is a Great
reality about Time and your very own existence. "Some things never change",
and they can remain decades later to be shared from generation to generation.
You never know what you find down the road unless you have been there.

Fleetwood Mac has traveled for many years down the road and they proved
the word: "Timeless." What they teach is: your voice is your voice. It is your
identity. It has the capablity of being the same even 50 years down the road,
whether you realize or not. Fleetwood Mac proves one other thing. You are
never too old to play music. If timing and rhythm is part of what makes your
blood flow ... it will always be there. The reason this Earth did not see old
time Rock 'n Rollers in the 1900's is simply that Rock 'n Roll had not been
around long enough to prove the test of time. These musicians do that exactly.
They prove: a good thing remains. The easiest way to see what is learned
here is in your life take the time to listen to any one of the early 1980's works:
Fleetwood Mac self-titled, Rumors, Tusk, or Bella Donna: Edge of Seventeen.
Then listen to "The Dance" live 20 years later. Here you will learn about time.
If You Listen To
Their Works In
1980 and heard
them Live in the Years 2000 + they sound
the same. What does that teach you about
time ? And what does that teach you about your voice ???
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