Jules Verne, a respected writer in the
1800's. He wrote about what many
people call "Fiction." But was it fiction
or did he see the future ? There is no doubt. Jules Verne was a "Seer."
He saw into the Future. This was his talent. And the Legacy he leaves
as a human being is he was an individual who by example teaches seeing
the future is "a talent" and not a fantasy. What Jules Verne was teaching
is that this talent is inside of you. Every human being has the capability to
feel instead of just see what is in front of them. That is what Jules Verne
did. He felt the Future. He felt what he saw. And wrote about what he
felt. It was something genuine that came from the inside. This is what he
"proved." You can do it too. You can have vision. You can see ahead of
yourself. And build into the Future. He proved that. Fact. If we all make
an effort to use the talents that are inside each and every individual there
may be a Future that other human beings can be proud to live in.
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Fiction Becomes
Reality .. with Time.

"Jules Verne"

Most notably Jules Verne
makes his mark in 1800's
with a story called "20,000
Leagues Under The Sea"
about an atomic submarine.
That story was ultimately
made into a motion picture
Hollywood film, along with
"The Mysterious Island"
(genetic engineering), "From
The Earth To The Moon",
and "Masters of the World".
The Grandfather
of Science
Jules Verne also wrote
"Around The World In 80 Days"
He Teaches: the meaning of Vision.
Look into your Future. It will come.

The Talent that Jules Verne shared is called "Mother's
Intuition." In more elite circles it is called, "Senses
beyond the five", or "the 6th Sense", or -- our favorite:
"Psychic Sciences." Just because you can not see it
does not mean it is not there. If you are not convinced
all of this is true, real, and part of your life then explain
all that is around you. Call it Fiction or call it Science.
Note: Discovery of a long lost novel reveals that
Jules was concerned with the dangers of technology.
The manuscript, completed 1863, was locked away in
a safe and uncovered by
his great grandson end
of the 1900's. The mid
1800's vision describes
life among skyscrapers
of glass and steel, high
speed trains, gas autos,
calculators, fax machines
and a communications
worldwide network.
Jules Verne 1828-1905

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