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Princess Di
You can do it.
Believe in your
self. Reach out
and touch people.
Princess Diana of England
Diana taught people the graces of goodness, charity,
and inner warmth. She really taught a much Greater
lesson. That of Preservation. The Lessons of "Self
Preservation." Your Dignity. The lessons of: you
can do it
. The lesson of "Love." The fact that one
single element can change the path of your whole
Life is what "she proved." Diana had one element to
her life that made her Life all that it was. "She was
a Virgin" until an age where she understood herself
well. Very young girls should be taught of Diana.
She preserved herself for ... the Future. Princess
Diana of England touched hundreds of millions of
people. She gave them hope, heart, and the real
knowledge that someone of Royalty was there for
the simple man and woman who were just trying to
get by. All of that because she preserved herself for
what Life itself would call her to. She is the Icon of
Kindness. But the point should not be lost. She had
to be "a Virgin" or she Could Not be Princess Diana.
It is the long established History and Law of England
that for a woman to marry into the Royal House of
England she must be a Virgin.
Her life meant
something to her
and she saw it
through. Diana
was 19 when
she married.
In a time when
A.I.D.S. can kill
people simply by having casual sex
she is a perfect role model. One of
"The 4 Greats" to remember. You
might say she is gone now. She is
dead. No. She is not gone. "Sorry. It
was an accident." She is doing what
she does best in the World that comes
next. And Diana being one of The 4
Greats - Life itself will care of her.. .
Diana went from this
(pictured above) to
this (pictured left).
It is for us to remember.
And preserve. Be who
you are supposed
to be.
Sometimes you have to do certain
things in Life to be who you are.
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