Press Release:
Press Release:
2002 The New Millennium >>> Onward ...
To Begin ... in the New Millennium Totally Cool TV presented a series of half hour episodes
and past theme shows including notables, fashion icons, models, designers, community people, and
musicians to introduce those who are new to The Editorial Project: what it is all about. "Always
Good News All The Time" (copyright / trademark 1994). For 2002 Totally Cool TV evolved
The Controversy Series into the next level ... "The Gossip Room." A sit down in the library that
does what it says, a bit of gossip. For 2004 and going forward, both the TV Show and The Global
presentation of Totally Cool The MagaZine continues. Stay Tuned. Stay ... Totally ----.
Totally Cool International Inc., EV Productions, and ToTaLLy CoOL continue with the
presentation of Totally Cool The MagaZine, a "Seasonal" editorial publication available to
a Global Audience. You can locate the web version & archives at: -- -or-
Quality. Durability. Good Value. And Great Fun are the 4 standards of Totally Cool . Each
characteristic is the standard for the content of Totally Cool along with its "Always good news all
the time" approach -a first in TV broadcast Programing. As the copyline states: Totally Cool
is "Something that Comes From The Heart." In effect, it has no limits. "Everyone has something
that's Totally Cool to them."
Because of these foundation standards readers do find Totally
Cool The Magazine, and the site in general, an informative reliable fun resource. Many people
come to visit -simply- to get a release from the stresses of every day living. You never know what
might interest you. (As a Tribute to The World Trade Center event Totally Cool created a 29
minute TV episode dedicated to those who were lost. That episode aired more than 5 times a day.)
In our hearts and our souls we forever remember ... the peoples ... and where we come from.

Totally Cool "The Magazine you want to read !" c. 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004.
copyright c. 1994 - 2004 Totally Cool International lnc. / Evie Productions
Totally Cool International Inc.
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New York, New YorK
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Totally Cool "A Magazine in TV Land" was launched as a Television broadcast Programing
concept "The Totally Cool Hour: A Fashion and Lifestyle Editorial Show" in the Fall of 1994.
Since that time a select audience of a mere 3,000,000 plus Manhattan viewers have been able to
access and benefit from the "Always Good News All The Time" philosophy that is the thread
through the series that has every week since April 1995. While New York City is a worldly
public where the greatest Television producers and Magazine editors have been inspired by Totally
Cool as word has spread those at the Global level have been wondering when can they see it ?

Long standing relationships with notable organizations, designers, stylists, record companies, film
companies, homegrow projects, and contributors allow Totally Cool The Magazine to bring the
same editorial authority and cutting edge twist found in the television series to the internet. Individuals
looking for "good content" in all areas of Lifestyle, Community, Entertainment, People, Hot Products,
and Environment can now find a little more depth in their Life. Totally Cool is happy to bring all
that to you at every opportunity. Sections and departments could include long standing favorites; Big
Scenes, Little Scenes, Sounds, Bites, On The Fashion Front, Fashion Police, The Fashion Statement,
Science & Technology, People Helping People, A Good Read, Electronics, Toys, Museums, Sports,
Photography, Vacations, Hot Shots, Issues, plus new ideas, profiles, and presentations.
on page: Music Credit - "Tusk" ,,, Fleetwood Mac on Reprise Records.
Available at fine Record Stores.
FALL 1994
Totally Cool launches with the 59 minute pilot show "The Totally Cool Hour: A Fashion and
Lifestyle Editorial Show" on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, the largest Access Network in
America. Scheduled to air 3 times in one month. Instead, due to popular demand the show airs 17
times the first month and 20 times the following month. Totally Cool sets the standard by featuring
its own exclusive behind-the-scenes movie making footage of Die Hard With A Vengeance prior
to the film's release, spotlighting a single person who impacts the community, the debut of Critic's
Corner - The TV Editorialist - Over The Edge - Basic Black - Breast Cancer Awareness, interview
the Director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America plus much more.
APRIL 1995
"Totally Cool broadcast Programing" launches its regular series Totally Cool Broadcast News
"Always Good News All The Time" and Totally Cool Rocks " An Editorial Music Show With
A Spin On Rocks" alternating on a weekly basis. The programing brings the viewer information in
areas such as Film, Fashion, Lifestyle, Community, Health, Environment, Music, and Hot Products.
The Broadcast News show will later inspire major television news networks like UPN to feature
regular good news segments in their nightly broadcasts while the networks take a more entertaining
approach to their delivery and appropriate Totally Cool 's dialogue "And the good news is ..."
APRIL 1995 - DECEMBER 1995
Totally Cool continues the cutting edge development of both its news shows and its music shows
with coverage of such cultural greats as Pink Floyd's historic Empire State Building laser light show,
David Byrne's (of Talking Heads fame) photography exhibition, and The Ringling Brothers
Barnum and Bailey Circus Band:
the first story ever done on the band in its 125 year history.
Exclusive interviews include the then future Oscar winner Angelina Jolie, author / moviemaker
Clive Barker, and Dr. Mathilde Krim, President, Co-Founder of AmFAR. During this time
Totally Cool secures a primetime slot on the network and creates a new format, the fashion
music video, a marriage of runway fashion footage edited to new music.
This year sees a flurry of activity with the presentation of multiple series premieres including: "Totally
Cool People"; "Totally Cool Rocks: History" and "Totally Cool Rocks: The Women" a four
part introduction with the works of Poe, Jewel, Alanis Morissette, and Totally Cool 's own
concert footage of up-and-comer Holly Palmer, amongst others. The launch of "Totally Cool : A
Day and The Life of A Model" provides important information to the viewer interested in the subject
as well as advice on life in general from interviews with such as industry stalwart Eileen Ford and
now much talked about rising actress Patricia Velasquez.

"Totally Cool Takes You There" evolves further in 1998 with more exclusive offerings: the
20th anniversary of Saturday Night Fever culminating in a performance from the Bee Gees;
Wyclef Jean and Joan Osborne at the second annual John Lennon Songwriting Contest party;
JGB (Jerry Garcia Band) playing at the legendary lrving Plaza in NYC; and the Victoria's
Secret Angels
fashion show. Many of these episodes included interviews with the performers.
1996 is especially noteworthy for expanded subjects in the political arena expounding on issues
and concerns of the community. In October of this year Totally Cool goes LIVE with "Totally
Cool Talks: Live", an in-studio live talk show that ultimately includes call-ins on subjects
ranging from the personal to the spiritual to the political.

The Biographies
Return Me To ...
JANUARY 1999 - Year 2000
Maintaining its live format "Totally Cool Talks" through April 1999, Totally Cool also hosts on-
air guests like Francois Girbaud, half of the famed fashion design team Marithe + Francois Girbaud.
In April, the show moved into a taped roundtable version of the same series covering similar content
such as Love, Friendship, Politics, and Spirituality that eventually metamorphoses into "The
Controversy Series"
further servicing the community on themes that are of the moment. All the
while Totally Cool continues to cover the subjects close to its heart: film, fashion, kids, community,
environment, music, books, health & beauty, cars, technology, photography, and to feature exclusive
interviews with the likes of Kenneth Cole, Bob Mackie, and Magic Johnson. Not to forget The
"Takes You There" Programing with the bird's eye view of The Big Gotham's NYC 2000: Fashion
Show, in Times Square, on a raised 2 story runway. Now you can see it come alive at full scope:
The MagaZine, Programing, Gear, and History on Record. If he could say anything to the World, it
is this: "Be Totally Cool and just have a lot of Passion doing it", Magic Johnson.
"Totally Cool - Takes You There" highlights our fly-on-the-wall point of view by taking the
viewer to events they don't normally get to see: Macy's 4th of July Fireworks; couture hat
designer Philip Treacy's debut New York fashion show; The John Lennon Songwriting Contest
party with performances by The Spin Doctors, Diana King, and The Love Fellowship Choir;
club date of award-winninig cabaret performer Baby Jane Dexter; and the press conference for
The Rolling Stones' Bridges to Babylon concert tour aired in its entirety. (The Bridges To Babylon
episode aired more than 20 times in one week), for just some examples.
Primetime airings of the established series proceed while Totally Cool introduces new shows
including "Women With Opinions", "Summer Memories", and a previously neglected industry focus
on movie soundtracks with "Soundtrack History". More fashion centered programing premieres
"Fashion Elite", an interview with the elusive Fashion Genius, designer Geoffrey Beene, as well
as an expansion into beauty coverage, "Hair We Go", a beauty makeover by Borja Color Studio
who clients include Hillary Clinton.
1997 also aims a special focus on service to the community with show topics Oklahoma's Burning,
a special commemoration to the Oklahoma bombing incident and Friendship Day, highlighting a little
known holiday created by Congress at the same time as Mother's Day and Father's Day. One of the
year's milestones begins in April with twice weekly regular airings of the program.


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Totally Cool in its usual ground breaking way and innovative presentation of new ideas is The 1st
throughout The World
to showcase a magazine on the Global Internet Communications Network
that looks exactly like: A Magazine. The binding moves from thinner to wider and the layout is as
comfortable as having a magazine in your hand, with a few extra benefits. Including Music, Models
in unique style, and for going forward there will be lots of new input as the year unfolds. Totally
Cool The Editorial Project is New York City's homegrown "Heart of The Big Gotham (1994)."
And now the World does have Totally Cool The Magazine -- into The Future.
Totally Cool airing on
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