Spring 2002
Spring 2002 Cover:
Mars Fly Over
Jupiter and Europa
Starry Nights
courtesy of The
American Museum
of Natural HIstory
Bob Mackie Fashion
China Club Buddha
photos by Richard Renda
$ 4.95 U.S.
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Tornados Roar.
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Let me see...
Expand Your Horizons.
Look Into Tomorrow ! ! !

Music playing - ASTRALWERKS
Basement Jazz "Do Your Thing"

Just A Reminder: Wait until
you hear sound. Every Space
you Enter has Sound.
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Some Are Movement,
Some Are Hot ! ! !
Totally Cool "A Magazine In Space" is rated "PG."

Soooo much to do
The Wormhole Continual.
The MagaZine and more !

- Fun Excerpts -
Spring 2002
Get that Mosquito !
The Mosquito Bites
Totally Cool The Magazine
Editor-In Chief
Laurie S. Schechter
Many Thanks to The Editors,
Contributors, and Public Relations people
for your help and contributions.
Our heart and best wishes go out to all
those who endured the World Trade
Center event - September 2001.
A Special Thank You to all those who
make the pains easier and to the all
media who preserve History.
The Age Of Electricity
Totally Cool

In The Presentation Mode.
Are You Ready. Look Around.
Spend some time ! Enjoy.
And know you are ... Welcome.

The Future Is
A Works In Progress.
A Vision.
Take Note. To the readers: When an editorial
story is Listed and scheduled to be posted it may
be for a number of reasons that it does not make a
certain Issue. It will be moved forward and ultimately
published at the appropriate time. As it develops
... for maximum performance.
Spring 2002
The Official Editorial Authority

"A Magazine In TV Land"
Is There Life Out There ??
Clothes Of The Future
Carlos Campos
Men In Black II
Public Access
A. Riddle: MNN

In Sight
BIG Bob Mackie
Say Cheese

People Helping People:
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
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In the presentation mode,
If you want to journey ... The Wormhole --
Starry Nights
and more ...
This is a journey.
There is much to see
and always more coming.
The Fashion Well
Totally Cool in its unique style
of format and presentation is
for one thing absolutely a living
Magazine. Information, New
stories, Fun things, and Food for
Thought will appear in Space as
we continue through the coming
weeks (and years). Relax. Enjoy
The Adventure.
One of a kind.

Spring Fashion
Fun !

Spring has begun:
Spring has Sprung
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