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it to get her ? Something
like that. Never mind.

Read a book,
listen to some
Music, have a
sandwich. Stay
tuned !

Off the top of our head Tree Top Hat company
can be reached by phone 781 648 - 4424 or at ... At hand is a time to
think about summer and fun under the sun. A
time to get your gear in order. A few barbecues.
Sexy Bathing Suits. Sunglasses. Some tunes.
And a nice towel. If you have been looking at
those big printed towels to stretch out on (or to
through over your shoulder while you
are checking out that good looking guy or gal)
it is not the genuine thing unless it is the Kaufman
group. Ben Kaufman established his unique towel
company in 1968, more than thirty years ago.
The main office is located in North Miami, Florida.
Their embroidery department is also set-up in
Miami. And it operates 24 hours a day !
Seasonal Fun ! !
Twice As Nice
Sea Paradise
A fiber reactive process produces high quality intense
colors. Some prints use as many as eleven colors.
on page:
Music credit:
Sweet Thistle Pie
by Cracker
courtesy of:
Virgin Records
The hot item these days is not the 30" x 60" towels -- but the 40" x 72"
is in. Especially for the two people snuggle. To get on the wild side in
you there are the white horses, the white tiger, the black panther, and
two Bengal tigers. Their is a full array of water friendly scenes. But
for the ladies who are as tuff as the best of them there are the sharks.
Sea paradise ? Twice as nice. Plus they do the cabana stripe towels
and the classic soft terry. The Kaufman Group towel is available in fine
houseware stores around the world and can be found in the 300 some
odd "Linens 'N Things" stores across America. For wholesale or lots of
12 or more email inquires to
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