2. Don't drink from other people's glasses, soda,
or beer bottles. No matter how strong you think
your body is and how bold your ego may be or
how timid you are, a virus is a virus and if you do
not protect yourself: it will get you. It will change
Your Life, hurt and damage you and the natural
order of what was you. Protect yourself and
those you love by being aware. If you have an
open cold sore it's extra work for those who have
to touch up the photo and FYI- make-up does not
take well. Do not be lulled into illusion. You can
get a herpes virus and communicable diseases
by drinking from a glass, soda can, beer bottle or
even from slugging the family orange juice or milk
carton. You should be careful of who you kiss,
where you put your mouth, and who you smoke
a joint with. None of us want to get someone
else's cold sore. Make sure the people around
you are trustworthy enough to keep you informed
and will tell you what you need to know. Your
future and your job may depend on it.
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Dos and Don'ts
1. Don't allow photographers in areas where you
are undressing unless they can be trusted one
hundred percent ! Many working models in the
hurry of it all are not careful of who is doing what
around them and then they find nude photos of
themselves on the Worldwide Internet for all to
to see. A true Professional Model does not
shoot nudes unless they know that is what the
job calls for ahead of time and they are getting
paid well for the gig.
3. Don't have the cell phone out or chatting on it
during photo shoots. This is the sign of a model
who does not recognize that the client (whether
it be an advertiser, a magazine, or a producer) --
is paying for that time every minute of it: one way
or another. What they are paying for is your
time, your attention, and your utmost respect.
Some models may say, "I'm only on the phone"
or "so what's the big deal ?" What goes round
comes round. Whoever is paying the bill may
note and remember a certain professionalism
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