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We focus on you.

5. Do ask for a confirmation fax. If someone is
a legitimate lead or offers you a job or a photo
shoot ask if they would send "a confirmation
fax" or if they have a phone number where you
can direct a confirmation fax. If the people you
are dealing with say "no problem" or something
to that effect and do send a confirmation you
have a good thing, what is known as: a credible
gig. Anything said other than "No problem" is:
Trouble. And ask for references. A valid person
offering opportunity will openly accommodate.
4. Don't keep looking in the mirror. At least
not in public. Look. Either you have what it is
that it takes to meet industry standards for a
model or you don't. And if you have what it
takes you won't see it in the mirror. It will be
inside of you. Good looks are only part of what
it takes to be a good model and endure the
test of time. Many so called "models" come
into the industry for 2 or 3 seasons and that is
all there is to say about them. But those that
develop their skills realize this is an industry
in which you can have a future.
6. Do keep a regular job. This is echoed by
everyone in the business. And we learn from
those that have been there. The what to expect.
The best plan is to figure how much you need
to cover your overhead (food, rent, necessities).
Get a regular job that will care for those things
with hours you can work with. And the rest of
the spare time: pursue your dreams. Because
Dreams can come true. It is inside you.
displayed, or lack of, and may not want to have
you "on set" again. Or they may want you -but
instead decide to give the next job to someone
who gave them undivided attention. Someone
better focused. And also remember people talk
to people. They may not say anything to you
but your booker or representative may have to
hear about it. So spare us all. Put the cellular
phone away. Act professional. And with a high
regard. You might even:get the call back.
- Dos and Don'ts of Modeling -
7. Do show up on time. If it is a photo shoot,
casting call, or meeting with an agent: time is
important and sometimes very costly. And be
The people around you are the very
people who will help you get where you want to
go. Treat them that way. We'll be back !
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