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I know you.
"everybody loves
somebody sometime
... And everybody
loves somebody ..."
never mind.
And how deep is
the worm hole ?

And so what Do You
Have To Say ???
I speak the cool ....
or ...
We'll be back !
This is the place.
A part of
"Inner Space."

Life is about having
some Fun, Nature, and
Prosperity. Think about
Many many
"thanks" to all
the musicians
who keep the
beat. From
The Heart.

everybody sing:
-- everybody loves
somebody sometime...
This is inside
perfect circle.

living experience.

and we just
go on ...
" Walk This Way "
on page Music credit ...
Aerosmith's Greatest Hits
The Columbia Record Label.
For the whole song "Walk
This Way" to any record store.
Available everywhere Aerosmith.
Also check out their generations of
sound ... Falling in and out of love,
Missing you, and more ! ! ! In
fine Record Stores everywhere.

Many Messages.
Life Has To
c. 2000+ Richard david Renda,
Totally Cool International Inc.,
and all contributing copyright
Cosmic Space, More Cosmic,
Inner Cosmic ...
c. 2000+ Richard david Renda.
Be aware. Be very aware.

You are in it. It is an endless
wonder of time that matters in
Space. All things live within it
on the other side. Only one
way to go there. Get prepared.
Calculate. Sit back and relax.
Find the entrances. They lead
to the same place. In and out.
Many journies of Light, Density,
Element in what some may see
as darkness while still others

A ride through the vibrations of

Did you ever look at the stars
and wonder just How Far ?
Onward we go...
You have come in through another
window of opportunity to see. What
it is that may be. A list at the top is
where you start. A searching mind
with what to find. There is more in
these Cosmic Doors. Be here or
there. Maybe you care. Maybe you
dare ... with style and flair. Your
Inner Cosmic goes back where it
began. You'll understand. Find
something you like. Mark for
"Return Flight.". There are
many delights. This is the
way. The beginning to --
Enjoying your day.

photo credit: New York Post.
Richard David Renda
Photo by: Rose Hartman
N.Y.C., Year 2000.

WAIT ! ! ! Isn't that Mick
Jagger ??? No it's not. It's
Steven Tyler. Hello. Will
someone please tell 'em its:
Richard. It's Richard.
Steven Tyler's wife said
to Him, "You look more
like Steven than he does."
A lot of fun !
Hey Steven -- I have to tell ya ...
Think you got more press
coverage on the Oscar Peta
Runway thing then I did !
That's Funny. (kidding, but
it's still funny.)

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