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Year 2001

Carolina Herrera
Autumn 2001
Winter 2002

Welcome To
The Fashion Photo Gallery. You '
will not find a lot of words being said
here. This is basically a story in
Pictures that tells Human History.
There will be some commentary on
occasion. However, the idea is for
you to think about what -- you think
about all this. Call it Life. Call it
Clothes. Call it Fashion. Whatever
you call it ... Enjoy It !
photos by:
Laurie Schechter
on the 3.3 mega pixel
Panasonic digital still
camera PV-SD 5000

Sponsored by:
Totally Cool International Inc.
and The Panasonic Electronics
Take a peek !
Welcome To The
Pan -A- Sonic
The Fall 2001 / Winter 2002 Fashion Collections ... This is The Carolina Herrera Collection.
Music coming through:
Music To Watch Girls By
Bob Crewe Generation
Calvert DeForest Experience
Mars Entertainment
Looking At
Winter 2002
one Space

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