"The Pan -A- Sonic Gallery" is called that because we like the Close-up of a "TV Pan
& Scan View." That is the inspiration. Plus Totally Cool was even more inspired
because Panasonic -that definitely cool Electronics Company- was willing to help us
preserve a little History. Credit given where credit due. (Want a fun Story ? One might
remember Cablevision's first screening on HBO of "Death Wish" with Charles Bronson
(cir. 1975 ?). Someone actually went out and purchased their very first own little personal
Color Television. A Panasonic. 13" Screen. White molded cabinet. It was great ! A Perfect
Picture. The blood was the color of blood: red. Why else would you go buy a color TV to
watch Death Wish. Having been used quite often the TV -never- broke down. "A Panasonic
Moment. Capturing History." So we see ... the photograph above this paragraph is shot
more like a "Wide Screen" view instead of Pan & Scan. Oh well. So Who Made The Rules
anyway --
Welcome to
The Editorial Project.

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Year 2001

Sponsored by:
Totally Cool International Inc.
and Panasonic. Take a peek !
Welcome To The
Pan -A- Sonic
Looking At
Winter 2002
one Space

photos by:
Laurie Schechter
on the Panasonic
3.3 mega pixel
Panasonic digital
still camera
PV-SD 5000

The Fall 2001 / Winter 2002 Fashion Collections ... This is The Geoffrey Beene Collection.
Geoffrey Beene
Autumn 2001
Winter 2002

Welcome To
The Fashion Photo
Gallery. You will not
find a lot of words
being said here. This
is basically a story
in Pictures that tells
Human History.
There will be some
commentary on
occasion. However,
the idea is for you to
think about what --
you think about all
this. Call it Life. Call
it Clothes. Call it
Fashion. Whatever
you call it ... Enjoy It !
Inside the World of
Mr. Geoffrey Beene.
What we love about the
next photograph is, if you
look closely,
you will see
you really are on The Inside
World of Geoffrey Beene. An
"Elite" New York 7th Avenue
Fashion Designer for more
than 25 years. What you are
seeing through the window
is the top of the street lamp
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Listeners Wanted
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