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Brain Teaser
"Special K"
Everyone all around the World likes
to be Entertained.

1) In the Motion Picture "Love me Tender" starring Elvis Presley who played Clint ???
Ans: Elvis. 2) Who played the lead role in the original Jungle Book ? Ans: Sabu. 3) Name
the 4 Actors
who were the Elder brothers in "The Sons of Katie Elder." Ans: John Wayne,
Dean Martin, Earl Hollman, and Michael Anderson Jr. 4) In the action blockbuster movie
"Die Hard" did John Mclaine have children
and if so what were their names ??? Hummm ...
Ans: Lucy and John Jr. 5) Name 4 actors who appeared in the film "The Longest Day."
Can you name 12 ? Ans: John Wayne, Eddie Albert, Robert Mitchum, Robert Ryan, Robert
Wagner, Jeffrey Hunter, Richard Burton, Red Buttons, Sal Mineo, Kenneth Moore, Edmund
O'Brien, and Henry Fonda. 6) What was the name of the Bumstead dog ??? Ans: Daisy.

7) In the motion picture "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers" who played the role of Adam ??
Ans: Howard Keel. 8) In the classic Western flick Jesse James what character did Henry
Fonda play ?
Ans: Frank James. 9) Who played Angela Hoffa in "Rally Round the Flag
Boys" ? Ans: Joan Collins. 10) And for something small that is big with many generations:
Who wrote "Tom Thumb" ??? Ans: Brothers Grim.
Welcome to Autumn 2001
Previous Episode - Questions and Answers

From The Heart of The Big Gotham !
Welcome To
Joe Heuer's
Arrogance: a characteristic different from
confidence only in that it annoys other people.
Bargain: anything you don't need at a price you
can't resist.
Bobsledding: two lunatics jumping into a vehicle
that's going to the finish line with or without them.
Boomerang: a stick used to play fetch for
people who do not have a dog.
Celebrity: someone who labors to become
famous, and then wears dark glasses to avoid
being recognized.
Clear: the type of conscience that corresponds
with a bad memory.
Death: 1. the time when an atheist is all dressed
up with no place to go. 2. St. Peter's way of
saying "your table is ready."
Daffynitions - Joe Heuer ... Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant. The Pay Attention Institute.
In Those Times Of Trouble What We Need
Is To Release -- A little Laugh
Diet: a brief period of starvation followed by a gain
of five pounds.
Disgust: the realization that you now actually look
like your driver's license photo.
Fun: the root word in dysfunctional.
Drizzle: what the meteorologists told Noah to expect.
Experience: what helps you recognize a mistake the
3rd time you make it.
Flashbacks: what your premonitions will eventually
seem like.
Guilt: something enjoyable only if it's properly earned.
Steroids: what you get from sitting on a stereo.
Subtlety: saying what you think and then leaving the
room before anyone realizes what you meant.
Thinking: what your boss refuses to believe you're
doing when you're looking out the window.
" If you want to Capture the World, capture it with a Net ... a "

c. 2001 +
The Fashion Well
Autumn 2001
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