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I Hear Voices ...

Much To Do ?
Plenty of Time.
Millennium News ! ! !

... 150 minutes available recording time) when speech
-to-text applications are used; and LP mode (with 320
minutes available recording time) when a long recording
time is needed. An LCD display is provided to check
remaining recording time, the date and time, voice
activation mode, play mode (SP/LP), and battery status.
The Olympus DS-320 digital recorder has a
Microphone Sensitivity Selector, voice
activation for hands-free recording
and powerful editing capabilities
such as insert, delete
and partial erase.
Olympus uses compact DSS
(Digital Speech Standard) files, which are 13 - 28 times smaller than standard
WAV sound files, and are optimized for voice applications. DSS files are also ideal
for sending email to colleagues and friends. The included Olympus DSS Player
software quickly reads these files and allows IBM ViaVoice to
automatically convert them into text with one mouse click.
Transcription can also be done manually with an optional transcription accessory kit including a foot-
switch and headset. Users can download the entire contents of the recorder, one specific folder or
even one specific recording.
IBM ViaVoice speech recognition technology "learns" your speech
patterns in a few sentences. Recordings can be converted to text at
a faster speed than recordings dictated directly into the PC.

"Consumers are looking for an affordable and powerful solution for
recording voice and transferring to a PC," said Keith Swiderski, Product
Manager, Olympus America, Consumer Products Group. "With the DS-
320, the usability and accuracy of our recorders has become even better.
Whether used along with speech recognition software, or used as a
standalone digital recorder, the DS-320 is a powerful tool for business as
well as consumer applications At a cost of under $250, the DS-320 is
competitively priced for 2001."
The DS-320 enters the market Spring 2001 with an expected list
of $249 and street price of $199. It comes with everything needed for
automatic speech-to-text document creation, including IBM ViaVoice
software, DSS Player 3.5 software, KP3 serial download cable, KP4
"voice training" cable, headset microphone, hand strap, and two AAA
play that back


Olympus DS - 320
Stay Tuned.
The Fashion Well
In The Beginning
- Around The World -
with David Hebble
" Water Friendly "

Winter Issue
The 4 Greats
Olympus Digital Recorder
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