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her great Great Grandfather made by hand.
She is the Tali ban. Or you could say, she is the
Tali band. Either way ... you would be correct.
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Section 3
Yahtzee - Hasbro Games
Yahtzee was invented in 1956 by a
Canadian couple aboard their yacht.
When friends were invited aboard,
they were taught how to play their
"Yacht Game." Eventually they
approached Edwin S. Lowe who
made his fortune selling Bingo
games in the 1920s and asked
him to print up a few games as
gifts. Lowe liked the game so
much he offered to buy all the rights.
The couple was not interested in
receiving royalties and they signed
away their rights in exchange for
a few copies of the game. Lowe
changed the name of the game to
Yahtzee and enjoyed great success
with this classic dice game.

Hot Wheels by Mattel
This year marks the 35th anniversary of Hot Wheels.
The success story starts with one man's idea to speed
up the industry. In 1967 Elliot Handler, one of the original
founders of Mattel, decided to add axles and working
wheels to the static wheel diecast model cars of the
times. What was developed was a prototype gravity-
powered car that could run at a record-breaking scale
speed of 300 mph downhill. The secret to such high
performance racing action was low-friction wheels made
of styrene that were hung on torsion bars and soon to
be patented by Mattel. Handler took one look at this new,
ultra-fast car, and exclaimed "Wow those are hot wheels !"
And that is how they got their name.

Lincoln Logs - KNEX Industries, Inc.
Lincoln Logs were designed and developed in 1916 by John Lloyd Wright,
son of one of America's most famous architects, Frank Lloyd Wright. The
younger Wright conceived his idea for Lincoln Logs when he was traveling
with his father in Tokyo and became inspired by the construction techniques
used in the foundation of the earthquake proof Imperial Hotel, which his
father designed.

LEGO Building Blocks.
The word "LEGO" is formed from the Danish words "leg godt," which means,
"play well." Later it was discovered that LEGO means, "I put together" in Latin.

Play-Doh by Hasbro
When Play-Doh first debuted in 1956 it was available in only one color
and size - an off white 1 1/2 pound can. Introduced originally to schools,
kindergartens, and nursery schools it was first demonstrated and sold
in the toy department of Woodward & Lothrop department Store Washington,
D.C. Since that introduction more than 700 million pounds of Play-Doh have
been sold. The formula for the original Play-Doh compound still remains a

Ant Farm by Uncle Milton Industries.
The idea for Ant Farm came about on July 4th 1956 at
a family picnic. Milton Levine couldn't help but notice
a colony of ants marching, scavenging and generally
wreaking havoc with the family's leisurely afternoon.
The intrusive little creatures gave him the inspiration
to develop a formicarium, or ant vivarium that could
be mass-produced and sold to the consumer market
and thus the Ant Farm was created. After the Ant
Farm sold out in its first year, the company realized
they had a hit on their hands.

Cootie by Hasbro Games
Herb Schaper, a letter carrier for the
U.S. Post Office, whittled the first
Cootie out of wood in 1948. In the
first year, Schaper built, by hand
40,000 wooden Cootie games.
Three years later -- more than
1,200,000 were produced with
the aid of machinery. By 1978 on
Cootie's 30th birthday more than
30 million games had entertained
children worldwide.

Lionel Trains
The first electrical Lionel train was designed to beckon window shopping
New Yorkers
using the power of animated display. Lionel was named
from its founder's middle name: Joshua Lionel Cowen. Lionel has sold
more than 50 million train sets since its humble beginning in 1900 and
today produces more than 300 miles of track each year.

BETCHA DIDN'T KNOW is courtesy of The Toy
Industry Association (TIA). Thank Y-o-u.

Were You Ever A Child ... of
course. Do you remember
those childhood memories.

DO You still Play with Toys ?
The MagaZine

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