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Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
Richard david Renda
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photo by Christian Pedrotti
Skiing, Boarding, and Snow Sports do not come to an
end just because one season passes on to another. We
have friends that travel round the World -- to the Swiss
and French Alps for a "Packed" vacation. Also there are
friends who simply go to the Mountains of Washington
State in America where they do a ski run. And when
they are done they take a swim in the lake at the bottom
of the Mountain. All in a day. You might say there is no
end to the love of the Sport. But skiing and snow sports
provide much more than some do imagine. One of the
most important elements it does bring is: a chance for
socializing. People meeting people is a good thing. It
is possible that you may meet the Love of your life. If
not at least you can have a nice glass of wine or hot
chocolate by some cozy fireplace. Looking out at the
mountain ... Packed.
A Thing call Snow
For All Seasons
Snow Gear and Fashion provided by Rossignol
Packed. For All Seasons. A Thing called Socializing. Snow
Gear and Fashions provided by Rossignol. Home of the
woman's "Soft Boot". Photograph by Christian Pedrotti.
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