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The MagaZine
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The Stats
World Trade Center
New York City
1972 December

Trade Center Purposes and Functions:
The World Trade Center opened for business in December 1970.
The Center is being constructed by the Port Authority of New York
and New Jersey in accordance with legislation enacted by the States
of New York and New Jersey in 1962. It is designed to expand the
flow of International trade by bringing together businesses and
government agencies involved in the marketing and processing
of this trade. The concentration of international trade services and
activities under one roof will simplify and expedite the regulatory
and administrative procedures of international commerce. Housed
within the Center will be all of the financing, transportation,
communications and trade education facilities required to carry
on international trade as efficiently as possible.
Description of Buildings:
North and South Tower Buildings - Dimensions of each: height,
1,350 feet, 110 stories; base, 209 feet square. Space per floor;
approximately 40,000 square feet. Elevators: 104 local and
express elevators. Windows: 21,800; 310,000 square feet of glass.
United States Customs Building - Dimensions: height, 8 stories
including concourse level; length, 450 feet along Vesey Street and
240 feet along West Street.
Northeast Plaza Building - Dimensions: height, 9 stories, including
concourse level; length, 420 feet along Vesey Street and 300 feet
along Church Street.
Southeast Plaza Building - Dimensions: height, 9 stories. Including
concourse level; length, 300 feet along its Liberty Street side and
300 feet along Church Street.
Hotel - Under study.

Eligibility Requirements:
In accordance with the policy of the Port Authority's Board of
Commissioners adopted in October 1964, only those private firms
involved in world trade activities, functions and services are
permitted to rent space in The World Trade Center.

Mailing Addresses:
The Post Office has assigned the zip code 10048 for the exclusive
use of the World Trade Center buildings. The addresses for the
buildings are as follows:
North Tower Building - One World Trade Center
South Tower Building - Two World Trade Center
Hotel (under study) - Three World Trade Center
Southeast Plaza Building - Four World Trade Cente
Northeast Plaza Building - Five World Trade Center
United States Customs Building - Six World Trade Center
(note: For New York State offices
located in Two World Trade Center, the zip code is 10047)
Below Grade Facilities: International shops and restaurants,
parking for 2,000 cars, new PATH World Trade Center Terminal,
truck docks, and tenant storage areas. Six levels in all.
1960 - Proposed by the Downtown - Lower
Manhattan Association
1962 - Port Authority directed to build the
Center by the legislatures of New Jersey and
New York.
1964 - Architectural plans announced.
1966 - Construction began.
1968 - First steel for the North Tower Building
1970 - North Tower Building "topped out",
first tenants moved in, December.
1971 - PATH World Trade Center Terminal
1971 - South Tower Building "topped out".
1971 - World Trade Institute opened.
1974 - Scheduled completion for entire project.

Architects: Minoru Yamasaki and Associates
of Troy, Michigan and Emery Roth and Sons
of New York City.
General Contractor: Tishman Reality and
Construction Company of New York City.
Tenants: Representatives of the world trade
conmunity including: exporters, importers,
freight forwarders. Custom House brokers,
international banks, trade associatlons, U.S.
and foreign government trade agencies,
state government trade representatives and
other world trade organizations.
Rentable Space:
6 million square feet of office space.
Average Daily Population:
50,000 workers, 80,000 visitors.
Transportation: The IRT, BHT and INO
subways provide direct access. In addition,
a new terminal for the Port Authority Trans-
Hudson (PATH) rail rapid transit system is
located directly below the Center.
Cost: $ 700 million.
(2002 Rebuild Cost: $ 8 billion +.
With clean up cost: approximately $ 40 billion.)
Integrated Communications System:
To speed the transaction of International
business, the integrated Conmunicatlons
System incorporates the latest in telephone,
computer, microfilm and television technology
services. Utilizing these latest communications
techniques. the World Trade Information
Center, located in the project, provides visitors
and tenants with data on world trade markets,
regulations and opportunities.
The Fashion Well
Autumn 2001
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