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Saks Fifth Avenue specialty department stores, known in many circles and in many
lands, features their New York City Globes with the Empire State Building, the
World Trade Center Towers, the Chrysler Building, the Statue of Liberty, bridges,
and maybe you'll even find Santa on a midnight run. A little reminder of that Grand
"City of the World." If you forget the past you rob the Future.
The blessing ... look at life the way it is.
You learn much and become: all the wiser.

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Section 4:
The "New York City Snow Globe" at Saks Fifth Avenue Specialty Department Stores.
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This shot of Russell's cellular phone was so close you could actually read the last number Russell
dialed. (Hope you don't mind, we Blocked it.) It was a 718 area code, in case you wanted to know.
going forward ...
The Phat Farm
leather coat with
shearling collar in
Action !
Life In A Sphere.
Saks Fifth Avenue

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