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A Round The World
with David Hebble

by Bettina Cirone
and Ian Jerolmack
Autumn Issue.

Skin Tight
Photos: Alberto Rizzo

The Magazine

Holiday Gifts

On page Music Talent
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Deja Nu
Collectables Records

"Bikini." A word which
describes a woman's well
cut scantily clad two piece
bathing suit. Of course,
unless you have been living
in a cave all your life you
know the Bikini comes
in every shape and size.
Although ... the very first
Bikini was probably created
somewhere in a cave two
million years ago. Featured
here is the creme de la
creme of all Bikinis.
you have no idea what this
is about until you actually
feel it, touch it.
We have to say... There is something very special that is about: "The Woman and Fur." We have
seen many adventures in this world. But standing in the middle of An Exclusive Fur Store, looking
at the smiles on each and every woman's face, smiles "Beaming", it was nice to feel that happiness.
Never experienced anything quiet like it. And then you understand. There is always something to learn
about what Nature provides. Enjoy your Holidays.
You have heard
the term

This is a "Furkini." You can get the real
Furkini made of Mink at The Ritz Fur
Store. On 57th Street between 5th and 6th
Avenues in New York City. The Furkini
comes in a variety of colors. A lasting gift.
Priced at $250. And yes it is real mink ... of
the highest quality. Now that is a nice stocking
stuffer. If you can get into it. Naturally Soft.
Great for a Winter stroll on a warm island
beach. A special gift for any time of year.
For information call 212 265 4559
One of the two Greatest Celebrity and Party
Photographers in the World, Patrick McMullan
released his first book of pictures in November
2000. An inside look at The Boys and the
true histories behind the scenes of Fashion.
As seen from the eyes of "A Professional
Lensman." Mr. McMullan captures the
moment. His book "Men's Show" is
available at Saks Fifth Avenue Fine Stores
throughout the U.S. and ...
A book aprreciated by both, the Ladies
and the Gentlemen. Now you can really
be there. Backstage at the Fashion Show.
Another great gift all year round.
Be warm on the Beach. Be Warm
By The Fireplace.
Party Photos
by Patrick McMullan
author of
- Men's Show -

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