So there it was one week later, (just by chance) the Producer is walking toward the South end
of the "F" Train Station platform in Manhattan New York. As he approached the wooden
seating area placed in the middle of New York City train station platforms, there sitting in the
first wooden seat was: guess who ? The Bossman. The very man responsible for the Producer
not being where he normally should be. And this person one would think was the last person
in the World the Bossman wanted to see. A person with facts. Sweet Justice.
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The Finale

Spring 2001
On page Music Credit:
Mystic Warrior
Vibe Records
Lorenza Ponce

Totally Cool
The MagaZine

If all of that was too much for you to learn which
came first the chicken or the egg, these pictures will
teach you that same story somewhat easier. Look.
The Egg had to be created ... or it could not exist.
Which came first the chicken or the egg -- Who creates
the egg ??? The chicken. In the most profound sense
Life created this egg to show you the real process. The
psychological aspects of why is so mind boggling, let's
just go see the pictures. They're amazing.
We can learn
some more this way. But you may have other questions.
Which is it - a good egg or a bad egg ? And who created
who creates the egg ?? Answer. The same power that
created the egg. A thought. Maybe the Universe does
think ... after all ?
Point Was that if this Executive-in-Charge had not chosen
to cover up people getting hurt the Producer would have
been where he should have and the crossroad created on
the train platform with the intent to embarass the Boss a
little more, would have never taken place. Also remember
it was the powers of Life itself that caused the Bossman
to be sitting there at that exact moment. And -- we get
to hear this story of, by process: how ... first, the egg is
created. Then, it exists. Then it is hatched. Well now
think about it. Something created the egg. The "why" we
say "sweet justice." In this example, Life was playing the
role of the chicken. And by creating the crossroad event
that was the egg. The eye to eye contact was the egg
hatched. All within the workings of and by Life itself.
It's All About Details.

"The Capitol" by
"Group Y" in
The City of
the World,
New York.

An Inspirational Project !

For People of All Ages.
In All Places Of The World.

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