In short, basically -- they could run amuck on a whole community of people. And that is what
they did. The Boss had a producer friend that he respected and worked with on a weekly basis.
A fun individual for the Boss to have in his circle (and influencial in The Highest of Places). One
of the people the Boss was in charge of did something really bad (violent). The Boss proceeded
with a "cover-up" instead of firing this person. Community members saw the Bossman as a
co-conspiritor. In one day it changed many relationships. And it immediately changed
what was the regular pattern of a weekly schedule. So all of that, to make this - what
would come next - happen ! To hatch an egg ...
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Spring 2001
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Which Came First,
Chicken Or
The Egg ???
One week later. The Producer who would have normally been in a certain location at a
certain time was not there because "the Boss" (the Executive-in-charge) chose to cover-up a
violent assault in which someone got hurt. This Producer knew exactly what the Bossman had
done. Now if the Bossman had to come face to face with his producer friend, in fact: it would
be the same as you being caught with your pants down.
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Chris Callis.

Mouse created by
Master Modelmakers
The Group Y. (N.Y.C.)
photos: RIchard Renda
We best learned the answer to
the chicken or the egg question
with this story. One time there
was a man in charge of a group
of people. He said to them that
he "would not go over anybody's
head." Coming from The Boss
that basically meant people
could do what they wanted to
whom they wanted the way they
wanted without accountablity.
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