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Sand Castle Handbag by Lulu Guinness.
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At one time or another along your travels you have used a bag. Whether
you are a man or a woman. You might be going to the beach or to visit
relatives. Could be the right time for a canvas sack bag. But a woman
uses a Handbag for everyday living. As an accessory it is one of the most
important. It must function and it must have Style. Lulu Guinness has
both, function and style (lots of Style). She puts imagination - in the bag.
Castles in the sand melt away into the Sea. Not this one. Some Sand Castle dreams are made to endure the
test of time. This limited edition Sand Castle handbag is a LuLu creation. And the dreams do not end there.
Dress up and Dress down Handbags are some of
Lulu's most famous creations. There are also
fun socks, umbrellas, and footwear by Lulu
Guinness if you need something New.
Grammy Award Winner:
Musical Talent - Alicia Keys
Alicia and her kindergarten teacher:
Jeanne Parnell
captured moments
by Richard Renda
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