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Tornados Roar.
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Let me see...
A bit of Technical Advice: If you
do not have at the very least a 56k
Modem get one. They are cheap
enough, you will be much happier,
"Plugged In" and you will not be
something left over from "back in
the 1900's." Be now. Expand
Your Horizons. Look Into
Tomorrow ! ! !

Music talent playing: Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin
on Atlantic Records. Must take a moment to say, when cutting this loop
I cut it in a certain place but did not know why - it made no sense. Someone
said it was with the of the hand of John Bonham. Hearing it Finished I see.
They were right. Dedicated to all those that have died and have given to this
world called Earth. In Memory. Richard Renda
Please Note: Wait until you hear sound.
Every Space you Enter has Sound. And Hot
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Extra feature: you can also move forward by
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And some TreeTop Fun !
The MagaZine Summer Cover:
Nadine Child - Boss Models
Alberto Rizzo - Photographer
Robin Narvaez - Hair & Make-up
Borja Color Studio, NYC.

In To The Fashion Well:
Totally Cool "A Magazine In Space" is rated "PG."
Women In Business: Gender Discrimination.

Totally Cool
"A Magazine In Space"
is rated "PG."
The Fashion Well 2000
Developing ... Soooo much to do
The Wormhole Continual.
The MagaZine.

The Marina Experience --
Spring Episode 2000:
Autumn 2001
Get that Mosquito !
The Fashion Well
Summer Episode:
The Magazine 2000
New York City
Autumn 2001 Cover
Photo by Randy Brooke

Totally Cool International
Editor-In Chief
Laurie S. Schechter
The MagaZine - excerpts
Autumn Episode
Politics, Politics, Politics
In The Loop --
Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Autumn - 2001

A Holiday
Gift Story
Year Round

DVD, Video, Computers, and Servers
A Bit Of Philosphy
I Pledge Allegiance
Hail Mary, Holy ---- !
Many Thanks to The Editors,
Contributors, and Public Relations people
for all your help, time, and dedication.
Our hearts and sympathies go out to all
those who lost love ones in The World
Trade Center Event, September 11.
Year 2001. A Special Thank You to all
those who make the pains easier, to all
those who gave their strength to find the
missing, and to the all media who
preserved History.
The Age Of Electricity
Totally Cool

A Vision.
Autumn 2001 - Fashion Documents History.
Take Another Look

To be posted ... The Video Library (including):
Totally Cool Talks Live - "Learning To Save:
Save As
", The Store and more. Much more.
continues ... Onward ! This is The
Presentation Mode. Are You Ready. Sit Back.
And Look Around.
You are Welcome to visit.

The Future
A Works
In Progress
Take Note: To the readers. If an editorial story
is Listed and scheduled to be posted it may be
for a number of reasons that it does not make
a certain Issue. It will be moved forward and
ultimately published at the appropriate time.
As it develops for maximum performance.
Winter Mag 2000 / 2001
Justice In America -
plus In The Loop - Sunny Days

The History Of Totally Cool
Religion And The Conflict
Fashion Documents


cover photo by
Randy Brooke,

Autumn 2001
Summer Mag 2001
The Holiday Spirit
OUT -- Read A
Good Book
Where We
Came From ?

Do something Nice ...
Buy someone a gift.
not be

not be

A Day and The Life of
a Lensman
A Day and The Life of
a Lensman
A New Time:
A New Beginning
A Day & The Life of a Lensman
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