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The Finale

Spring 2001
Buckwheat, his accordion, and the band -with their get down south togetherness- "Takes You There." It
moves you. You are listening to exacting what I did. In the exact same order. This is the whole story -- So.
I am listening. I am going to be the critic. I listen to the first 3 songs. They are each with a pace that just
goes from one song to the next with more energy charging at you. Now hearing these 3 great upbeat songs
I wondered if the Band would note it was the perfect moment to lay back a little and do something slower ?
And what came next was this. Walking To New Orleans. Buckwheat Zydeco was doing the classic Fats
Domino tune. Now that you listened to what I did, you may know what I did when I next heard "Walking to
New Orleans." I smiled. That was how it should have been. There it was. One of the finest music albums,
with one point of view: to have Fun !!!!!! If your day is hanging down, if you are feeling low or lost and you
want a pick me up: just get real Down ... Home Live. Zydeco. And do what we did. Smile from ear to ear.
That is exactly what "Down Home
Live" was. A lot of fun. Every song
on the album is a talent of creation.
On page Music Credit:
Walking To
New Orleans
BuckWheat Zydeco
Down Home Live
Tomorrow Records

Now I am back to having "No Regrets" in my Life. And I have one more
good thing to enjoy. Buckwheat Zydeco ! Get it. Got it. G-o-o-d ......
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