The Electronic Mosquito

- Your Personal Protection Device -

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Totally Cool

International Inc.,

or The Bradley Group.

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call 212 695 Cool (2665)

The Summer Episode
(Some Are ...)
(Sum Are ...)
Say that 5 times fast.
Where you are.
$ 4.95 U.S.
The Official Editorial Authority
The Official Editorial Authority
Totally Cool The MagaZine

Summer 2000

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intro presentation

a/k/a Founder's Intro
open to The Public
stay tuned ...

Birdy ...
A New
Music Sound
please ....

Some Are Features.
Some Are Movement.
Some Are Representative.
Sum Are Totally ...Cool .
Stay For A Little

I Come To Suck
Your Blood.
- A Mosquito War -

Eeek !
e-Commerce Tax
On The InterNet.
NASA All Beauty
Family Law
Summer Love
Summer Sun
Summer Fun
A Magazine In TV Land
A MagaZine in Space.
"Summer Issue"
The MagaZine will go active each day now going forward.
While you are anticipating what comes next and we bring
to eye certain portions of The Posting in this ---
The Presentation Mode the Editorial Director noted he
would contribute some of what is. From The Files of ...

Stayed tuned. You are going to enjoy the Summer.
Beyond the Mosquito Bite ! We want you to get the point
but we don't want you to get bit. At least not from Nature's
little army. Those suckers.

Tornado Roars.
If You touch one !
Then just wait.

Forgiveness for the taking of a few eons to get back to
you all again. We have been in The Wormhole at ... see:
Let me see...
Get that Mosquito !
This is the real one ...
The Personal Protection
Device. (clip-on.)
No chemicals.
No Sprays.
No oils.
just 1 double "AA" battery.

A bit of Technical Advice: If you
do not have a 56k Modem get one.
They are cheap enough, you will be
much happier, "Plugged In", and you
will not be something left over from
"back in the 1900's."
Be now.
Expand Your Horizons.

Music credit (talent) playing in This Space:
Appetite For Destruction
Guns N' Roses
"Rocket Queen." Get it on Geffen records.
As you all open up
other doors.
Please Note: Wait until you hear
sound. Every Space you Enter
has Sound. And Hot Links are
Red: they take you somewhere.
New feature: you can also move
forward by using the page
binding along the MagaZine.

If you wait on the Newspaper
something will come to you.
Same with the BIG Mosquito.
Just wait on it. It will come to
you. Try a Tornado ?
Listen !
And some TreeTop Fun !
The MagaZine Cover:
Nadine Child

(a/k/a The Child ... in me)

Alberto Rizzo - Photographer

Robin Narvaez - Hair & Make-up
Borja Color Studio, NYC
In To The Fashion Well:
Summer Episode --
Note: Totally Cool "A Magazine In Space" is rated "PG."
Next Issue:
The Marina Experience --
An Expose' ... A 4 Part Story.
Women In Business:
"Discrimination. Gender Prejudice."
Photographer - Alberto Rizzo
Hair & Make-up by Matt
Totally Cool "A Magazine
In Space"
is rated "PG."

The Fashion Well 2000
Then ... You get it all.
The Wormhole Continual.
The MagaZine.
The Video Library (including):
Totally Cool Talks Live - Learning To Save.
The Store and more. Much more. Life
continues ... Onward ! This is The Presentation
Mode. Are You Ready. Sit Back. Relax.

Summer Posting (in order of Events):
Some are wheel - A lot of Fun !
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