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**** Spring Episode: The MagaZine ...
2000 The Fashion Well
In the Magazine there
Are Many Ways To
Go Forward. You can
also use the binding.

**** Summer Episode: The MagaZine ...
The Fashion Well
Some are Movement
Autumn Episode
Skin Tight
At top: Steven Tyler "
Aerosmith " and Richard
Renda " Totally Cool "
photo credit: Cheryl Gorski.
Special thanks to Betsey
Johnson. "Believe" photo
credit David Hebble
"Best Wishes"
The Gallery of Talents
More to see ...
Our Tribute To All Models Who
Learn to "Show" the Clothes.
DAY 3 -- Pierre Garroudi
Disney's 102 Dalmations
John Varvatos
Ron Chereskin
Everett Hall

Spring Fashion 2001
" 7th on Sixth "
In The City Of The World
The New York Fashion
Collections Spring 2001
Highlights !

The Gallery of Talents
dedicated to: The Models,
The Family of LensPeople,
The Crews, The Music Makers,
Hair & Make-up, Lighting, The
Sponsors, The Agencies ...
The People You should Know.
**** Autumn Episode: The MagaZine ...
The Fashion Well
"The Living MagaZine."
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Lenny Kravitz - Greatest Hit
Fly Away on Virgin records.
Fun any time of the year.

Pretty Woman.
A Year Round

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And Then The Gods said
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" The Age of Electricity ! "
The TC Net
**** Winter Episode 2001: The MagaZine ...
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