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Brain Teaser
"Special K"
Everyone all around the World likes
to be Entertained.

1) In the Motion Picture "Love me Tender" starring Elvis Presley who played Clint ???
2) Who played the lead role in the original Jungle Book ?
3) Name the 4 Actors who were the Elder brothers in "The Sons of Katie Elder."
4) In the action blockbuster movie "Die Hard" did John Mclaine have children and if so
what were their names ??? Hummm ...
5) Name 4 actors who appeared in the film "The Longest Day." Can you name 12 ?

6) What was the name of the Bumstead dog ???
7) In the motion picture "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers" who played the role of Adam ??
8) In the classic Western flick Jesse James what character did Henry Fonda play ?
9) Who played Angela Hoffa in "Rally Round the Flag Boys" ?
10) And for something small that is big with many generations: Who wrote "Tom Thumb" ???
Bonus question - Did you know "2 men" played The Riddler in The 1966 TV hit
series Batman, can you name who they are ?
Frank Gorshin and John Astin.

Answers in the
next issue.
" If You Want To Capture The World Capture It With A Net ... A ToTaLLyCoOL.net "

c. 2001 +
Welcome to Summer 2001
Spring 2001 - Questions and Answers
1) In the Adventures of Tom Sawyer -- what
was the name of the two girls he dated ...
answer: Becky and Amy.
2) In the Beverly Hillbillies -- what was the
name of Granny's only surviving daughter ...
answer: Pearl Boudine.
3) In The Three Musketeers -- what Nobleman
dated The Queen of France ...
answer: The Duke Of Buckingham.
4) What was the name of the two brothers in
the Die Hard movies... answer: Karl and Franz.
5) And what was -- get this: the name of The
Flintstones' Cat
? answer: Puss.

6) What was the name of Maureen O'Hara's
character in "The Quiet Man" ...
answer: Mary-Kate Danahur.
7) Do you know the name of the Dalmation pup
that was always hungry in 101 Dalmations ?
answer: Roley.
8) What was the name of "Doc" on the TV series
The Love Boat ... answer: Adam Bricker.
9) What was the name of Jems boyfriend in Jem
and The Holgram cartoon ... answer: Rio.
10) Can you name the two Actresses who starred
in Ski Party ??? Yvonne Craig and Deborah Walley.
Teaser: John Wayne won an Oscar for what
Motion Picture ? True Grit.

From The Heart of The Big Gotham !

Summer 2001
The Fashion Well
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