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Look ALive
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Getting The Point. The Problem Is Bigger Than You Think.
Something Stinks In Denmark. Was it Bug Spray ??? We
have all been here before. The wise learn from the past. To
get prepared. And to protect the younger children or those
less knowledgable from harm. But you should never act
without knowing what you are dealing with. As the above
Front Cover of The New York Daily News indicates. It was
documented when the mosquitos arrived with their deadly
West Nile Virus "the workers" who sprayed chemicals for
New York City did become sick from the same chemicals
sprayed into your neighborhoods. Your Future Is At Stake.
Obviously. Where does the point start and in what direction
does it point to ? The Deadly West Nile Virus Mosquito starts
in New York City and Long Island. Then the point crossed the
river into New Jersey and an individual living in Bayonne, New
Jersey died from the west nile virus mosquito bite. From New
Jersey the West Nile Virus spread throughout the mainland,
America: north and south. Beware of any lulled false sense
of securities. That is the point. As you can see what can bite
you -- you may not see. Daily News front Cover Year 2001.
- Warm Weather Comes -
It Gets Hot !
Going forward a person should
know to prepare early. This
Totally Cool Expose' is one
of the most complete Mosquito
and West Nile Virus resources
intentionally created to keep
you armed and protected. A
one stop Shop for facts. Pass
it on to your friends and family
members. As it be, they may
actually need some of the
knowledge you have found.
Understand what is written.
And what is being said to you.
Learn how to keep you and
loved ones safe. There are
many things to discover here.
Take what is helpful advice,
information, and added insight.
Then use it. For years to come.
This is a good time. To know
what you are talking about.
Posted front and center. "The
Mosquito Expose': Ground Zero -
Getting The Point" is written by
R. Renda -- for you. No charge.
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