Featured up top is the expansion into the Urban Look for Schott Bros. -- but if
you are in the mode of nostalgic or need a bit of tribal spiritual culture you
may find that this Fringe Suede Leather Jacket would fit you well. This was a
huge trend in the late 1960's. The style is big with those in the music world
from Woodstock to present day. Maybe because it is "the jacket that moves."

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Schott Bros. and family are adding more
magic to their Legacy. In the years 2000
plus they have branched out to include
in their line not only the fine leatherwear
they are so loved for, but now they are
adding an Urbanwear feel. Jeans, knits,
coats, the works. And still, there will
always be the "Classic leathers."
Congratulations !
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