- 7 Generations continued -

Richard: You know what, Great great great great Grandma and Grandpa their like 25 ...

Nadine: really short (with a hand motion and she laughs). (private note. Nadine -- seeing you
just came out with that, if you look you will probably find maybe your great grands 7 generations
back were telling you something -coming from within. A voice. As you said. Maybe they were
really short.)

Richard: they're 25 ... 27. She is sitting under a tree. He's sitting over by the water, fishing.
And he's thinking. He's saying to himself --

(Richard is looking directly at Nadine pointing at her)
200 years ago a relative of yours is saying to themselves "I wonder if 7 generations from now
will someone from down there think about me and wonder: if I was thinking about them that they
would be thinking about me thinking about them ???"

Nadine: Okay.

Richard: Okay. You know what ?

Nadine: No.

Richard: We just did.

Nadine: We just did ? That's true.

Richard: We just did. So for any one them that were there, "7 Generations" later came 2
people who did think about: if you thought about us thinking about you thinking about us.
We did think about you thinking about us. We were there.

Nadine: (Laugh) It's true.

Richard: And it was very confusing but we got it. "7 Generations" down the road. Now how
about this ? You see that -- I just talked about that like that ? Now think about "7 Generations."
And ask yourself today: "Will somebody 7 Generations from now ask themselves if you sat there
and wondered if ..." 7 generations from now will that 15 year old who is maturing think about
"Did you think about them ?" Did you (each and every person) care enough about them to think
about whether they would be thinking about you thinking about them ?

Nadine: I'll put out the energy.
"Something That Comes
From The Heart."
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Richard: You know what ? You know what ??? Well -- we just thought about you.
(Richard turns and looks at the audience). So when you get there "7 Generations" later and you
wonder whether we were thinking about you, whether you were thinking about us thinking about
you ? We were.

Now I want to know if you are thinking about us ? And I want to know what's left of this World ?
Did we succeed ??? Are you having a good time -or- you can't even watch this video because
there is no more World anymore ?

Nadine: or if you're bored ?

Richard: Oh if you're bored you ain't in this World ! You're back over in the Core of the
Universe. What we call "The Core of Creation" -- hanging around. Waiting for the next time,
when they send you out. So you can enjoy all this. Do you want to waste it ? Why don't you
go out and kill another tiger (said sarcastically) ? And see where that gets you.

Alright. It's really all about Life. And I think each person has to -- they have to make an effort.
They have to make a difference. And they've got to do exactly what we do. Which is talk about
things and bring it out and be willing to expose things and be willing to say, "Okay I have
to talk to someone about something." It's like, I think we had a conversation about someone
who was Bulimic. Remember ?

Nadine: Yes.

Richard: Remember ? Tell me about it a little bit.

Nadine: Well I was ...

Richard: It was a friend, right ?

Nadine: Well actually I was a student peer's counselor.

Richard: Oh right. Right.

Nadine: Yeah. And this girl approached me and told me about her self growing up and having
Bulimia. And knowing that I was in -- I'm in the Fashion business ...

Richard: So the girl came and she spoke to you right ? This is where we start.

Nadine: Yeah. (Nadine takes deep heavy breath.)

Nadine: Oh good.

Richard: "Unconditional." Because I do want to go into the "unconditional." I want to
go into all the categories.

Nadine: But it is important for people to have somebody to talk to. To help them to also
bring out -- depression.

Richard: Right.

Nadine: Umm ... they need, they do need that.

Richard: Well you see -- also, people are afraid to talk to other people.

Nadine: Being Judged. They don't want to be Judged.

Richard: Or how is someone going to view you ? Or, it's like (you'll hear) "well you got
yourself into that mess" and it's like all of a sudden - one person is better than the next ?
And ... It Really Isn't That Way.

I mean because where you're really going to be accounted for -- and this is very
interesting -- People think that (they're) going to be Judged by, you know -- by what (they)
did wrong and these little trivial things. But really what they are going to be Judged by
is how they helped Humanity or how they helped their fellow beings. If you did nothing
to help you're going to wind up w-a-y in the back row. If you did lots of things to help you
are going to be in The Front Row. And I'm gonna see you. And you know what ? I'm
going to make sure that you have a really nice Life somewhere. And that's Prosperity.

So, Totally Cool . We'll see where the tape went. And that's good for now. I don't
know how much of this got to tape, cause I'm sure we fell off the tape at a certain point.

Nadine: Yeah, We're over ...

Richard: But I know that everything that we did in the gut of that, especially:
The Awakening, The Matrix. the whole thing -- You've got to ask yourself --
"Do You Want To Live like you don't know what's going on ????"

Tape ends.

"Save As"
"The Child In Me"
"22 Years"
"7 Generations"

Nadine - It would appear ... Nature and the Universe wanted us to get all of the
dialogue. All that it was. All that it is. All that was said. See where the tape
ends. Thank you so much. But I am going to tell everyone what you knew they
did not. Every time I said, "you see the Child in me" -- "The Child In Space" --
Let me introduce to you the co host "The Child in Me." What you did not know
is what she did know. Which is The Child in Me. This is the Lady born: "Nadine
Child." We are Travelers though Time and "Space." Everything comes back to
you. See --

Totally Cool Talks The Controversy Series: Exposure. Your hosts
Richard david Renda Totally Cool and Boss Model Nadine Child.

Hope you enjoyed the show. Give it to the next "7 Generations" and see what
happens. See what they think. They -know- where they come from. You are
learning. Totally Cool . "Something that comes from the Heart."

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" Save as "

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Richard: Someone comes and speaks to you as -- actually as a mentor. But as a peer at the
same time.

Nadine: Right. Well our school had this Program where they took those students who were
in the Senior Class who had good grades, and they took us in a Special Psychology course. So
we could take on and ask the right questions without telling people bias but letting them bring
it out, the answer they have within themselves.

Richard: Right right.

Nadine: But this particular girl I -- I felt that her family needed to know.

Richard: Right.

Nadine: It was something very serious.

Richard: Well that is what we are talking about. Being able to get someone to talk about

Nadine: So I told her to tell her family. And so she did. (Nadine has a look of deep feeling on
her face and she is starting to choke up a little.)

Richard: Right.

Nadine: And then I did not hear from her for maybe a few months. And she came back to me --
and called me out of the class. And she um, she hugged me and she started to cry. (Nadine
getting a little teary eyed slaps both her hands on her legs (sound with a snap clap on her skin).

Nadine contiunes: And she said, "Thank you. Because you made a difference in my Life."

Richard: And because she was able to talk to the relatives, talk to the family ...

Nadine: Yeah

Richard: and actually bridge a relationship. And she needed the help.

Nadine: Yeah. And it helped me as well in seeing that.

Richard: Well that is the whole point. People need help. You have to help each other. If you
don't help each other you leave each other out in the wilderness. It's like the Black people.
Come on man. You people are killing your own people. Every time I turn they're (society is)
talking about how bad you are and how bad this and how bad ... Excuse me, you are the guys who
call yourself names. Okay. I hear it all the time. I'm a homeboy. We're talkin here down on the
street. This is real. You guys are killing each other. BULLSHIT !!! Spread The Word. And
spread it to the Bronx and spread it to Brooklyn and spread it to your friends. Spread to the West
Coast. And say, "Look man you gotta Learn. Life goes on. And you may answer for this shit."
It Means Something.

Nadine: uh huh

Richard: Talk to your friends. If they hurt inside maybe they can't turn to a Relative. But if they
have "a friend" ...

Nadine: Someone to talk to.

Richard: someone who cares. Right.

Nadine: Unconditionally. You know you've got that (Nadine moves her hands back and forth
indicating that "interaction").

Richard: oooo "unconditionally." If we looked at my list you'll find that word is sitting on my list.

Remember. Every time You click that
button on your computer "Save As"
think. "Save." "Save the World as
Mother Nature gave it to you" or as
you are being taught it will be lost.
Nature dictates. You must ... Learn
to "Save" what has been given.
"Save As."
Welcome To "The New Millennium."
" Save As " recorded at the water's
edge ... behind the World Trade
Center pre September 2001
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