Richard: But an attorney said to me ... you know I said, "The Truth ! The truth. The Truth
always wins." He said, "No, that's not true." He said, "Because you know there are a lot of Bad
Guys out there." He said "There's only one truth that ever wins." He said, "The Absolute
Truth." If it is not absolute, then it can change. It's that thing we talk about where some things
can "seem." It "seems" to be real. It "seems" like it is. Well then it is real. It is real ! For the
time that you are in it ...

Nadine: it's the Reality.

Richard: It is real. Because it "seems" that way. Well when you're in it whether it seems that
way or not- when you are in it, if you're in there: It Is That Way. But when you step aside - and
you see The Truth, you find out that it "only seemed to be" what it was. And it was that. So I
think there are a lot of Messages here. And it says, "Know the people around you. And know
the environment. And know the people who are going to Lead your Future. Because -- you know
I ran a picture recently: it was of a little kid in front of a surfboard. And the point that I was trying
to make is that when you see a child ...

Nadine: Yeah --

Richard: like when I look at a child, I try really hard to see the child. And
I see the child. But all of a sudden as soon as I see the child my Crystal Ball
kicks into gear. And all of a sudden I don't see the child anymore. All of a
sudden the person is this tall (using hand to show adult size) and they're like
me and you and that's who they are. They're not: a child. I look at the child.
I don't see The Child. That's an Adult. That is -- A Mind Unfolding.

And You People Were Supposed To "SAVE AS", as the way Life gave it to you.
So I think now --there is a rhythm to The Message. And I hope that -along the
route- somebody got something out of it.
Richard: We are gonna ... We are going to do something so intense today.
You yourself (the Audience, the Viewer, the Reader) are going to do something so intense.
You're going to honor -- you and I are going to sit here right now and we're going to honor every
single blood cell in your body, every genetic make-up in your body, a-l-l of the generations of
the people that it took to get you here. We're going to honor them now. And the people, some
of the people have seen me do this. But I've done it years ago and it's been a long time and I
said I've got to do it again. It is a story called: "7 Generations."

You know ? Like when you think about Grandma and Grandpa. When you think Great Grandma
what do you think about ?

Nadine: (chuckles)

Richard: Whenever I think about it -- it's always the same thing.

Nadine: What I think about ? Which one ? From my ...

Richard: Either or. Any of them. It doesn't make a difference.
Grandma, Great Grandma, Great Grandpa -- what do you think about ?

Nadine: Okay, what do I think about --

Richard: Yeah ?

Nadine: Well ahhh ... I don't have much of a memory of them because they weren't around. So --

Richard: So then what do you think though ? Then you think "Old" right ???

Nadine: Yeah. I think "old."

Richard: Right. Of course. Grandma. Great Grandma. Grandpa, Great Grandpa. Old. Old !

Nadine: Yeah.

Richard: No, no. No. Wait. Stop. Hold on. Watch. See ? Grandma (Richard points to Nadine),
Grandpa (Richard points to himself.) Wait. Hold on a second. No. Grandma and Grandpa are
not old. It's the way you perceive it. Grandma, Grandpa ... let's go back. Grandma, Grandpa,
Great Grandma, Great Grandpa, Great Great Great Great Grandma, Great Great Great
Grandpa -- 7 Generations let's go back.

Nadine: Okay.
Richard: You know like ... Rudy Guiliani as Mayor of New York City in the Year 2000 opened and
made public a "sealed file" of an innocent man who was slain - shot by Police: because he didn't
do drugs. Guiliani tried to slander this innocent man. Even going as far as saying, "He was not
an altar boy." As it turned out the fact was, the innocent man shot dead was exactly that: an Altar
Boy. (His name is Patrick Dorismond.)

Alright. "Life is not about what you think it is. It is about what is." And it's about exactly what
Nadine said. Sometimes there are lots of different situations.

Nadine: It's true.

"Something That Comes
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This is the middle ...

And I am going to say this much, you know -- a lot of people think you can get away with
things. But there's a lot of eyes watching on things. When I developed TheSpacemanChannel
we're going to have to talk about that on another show - when I developed TheSpacemanChannel
do you know how TheSpacemanChannel (.com) developed ??? From Dead People. I had people
crawling all over me. Dead People.

Musicians that kept saying "if you don't do this, Life is going to forget about us. We're going to
get lost in the History. Just like nobody knew who John Lennon was."

Oh, he was one of those dead guys. When actually he's one of The 4 Beatles that gave you the
roots of what you have in Music today. I mean so much of it. And so much in feeling. The only
time I think there was any screaming fans was like with Elvis Presley when he moved the Hips
and then there was The Beatles. You know, so they were really a certain portion of History.
But people don't even know who they are. So I wind up getting a ton of dead people like Harry
Nilsson and a whole list of them.

Nadine: So you created something you want people to reflect on in memory.

Richard: This. Well ... -- It's a wormhole in Space where you start
in a particular place. Right now you are going to get the surface, the outside of Space where it
will take you through little wormholes.

Nadine: Where you can hear the music ?

Richard: Yeah. And that's what happens. You know what it is ? It's history On Record. For real.

Nadine: Ahhhh .. great.
Richard: It's "History on Record." And that's what's happening. But why would I care about this ?
They're dead people. Are they really dead people ???

Nadine: They're important ...

Richard: Oh no. Now wait a minute. Are they really dead people, are they really dead people ?
Now we just come back to the beginning of what we started to talk about.

Nadine: Well, yeah.

Richard: Are they really dead people -- Or are they just: "Departed" ? Did they just pass on ???
And are they WAITING for you ?

Nadine: But their Art, it's still around for us to hear it - listen to it.

Richard: Right. Right. And why should that be lost ? In our culture, in our Society ? No it
shouldn't. Okay but you know like I said, I think there is a whole Big Point here -- that "Life
Is Continual." And I think if the right people are listening they should be really scared right now.
Really scared. Because you know when you do something really bad to somebody -- there may
be a lot of people -- a lot of beings (as Richard smiles): waiting for you. And depending upon on
How You Are Judged will decide what those people will do to you in your Life next time when
you come round. Because you know that statement. You said it before: what goes around comes
around. Everything comes around.

Nadine: Yes. That's my favorite statement.

Richard: Well it's True.

Nadine: I believe that. I -know- that it is true.
Richard: Well everything comes back to you. It's very strange.

Nadine: That's true. And the energy you put out.

Richard: Now watch this, watch this ... (Richard's voice changes here to a more serious tone as
he turns and looks directly at Nadine with his arms folded.) Everything Comes Back To You.
Remember what I said before ? I said "I would wait forever just to see you again." Think about
that. Now what's interesting --

Nadine: (laughing) No you said 6 hours.

Richard: (both laughing, Richard nodding in agreement) I started at "6 hours" and then I said,
"Well when I decided I'd wait 6 hours I said to myself 'You know I would just wait forever
to see her again' that's all I know." Well then I turned around and said, "Yeah. I did that."
(As Richard points to Nadine) See ? The "Child" in Space.

Nadine (laughing with a slyness in her voice like she knows something you do not. You will
figure it out later.)

Both laughing.

Richard: Okay ... back to where I was. Back to where I was. Okay so where was I ????

Nadine: (Laughing) what comes around goes around ???????

Richard: No no no no. I know exactly where I was.

Nadine: Okay.

Richard: I was at "22 Years." You don't even know where I'm going. Nobody knows where
I'm going. (Looking at the audience) See. Like you don't even know what I'm talking about.
Sometimes she (pointing to Nadine) knows what I am talking about and you don't. That's why
she laughs. But never mind.

(Nadine has a Big Smile on her face)
Richard: Because like I said -- it is "the Child" in me. Because it is always with me. And it
travels through time. And you'll see that. And you'll see that in Space. But you still won't know
what I'm talking about. So just forget about it. (One of Richard's nicknames is "Space.")

What I'm talking about is this -- I don't know if we have the Time but I'm just going to run off
(the tape) and we'll do it. And if it's there, it's there. If not then we'll worry about it another time.

Nadine: Okay.

Richard: First is "22 Years." I had a friend call me up -- I had a person call me up out of
nowhere. Just out of nowhere. And say, "I'm looking for this person and ... " blah blah blah.
And I'm like "Who is this ?" And they're like, "Well, you know I'm trying to find some old
friends." Stuff like that.

I'm like, "Yeah ... old, how old ?" And they said "25 years."
I said, "25 years ! That's a long time." And then I said, "Who is this ?" The person said,

"You know what ? I don't have any Dawn in my life. I don't have one Dawn in my Life. Ahhh,
I have one Dawn that I know about and that Dawn would have broke about 22 Years ago."
And I said to this person, "You know what, it's just funny that the person I know named Dawn
was about that same amount of time ago." Then I said, "She had a nickname. What was her
nickname ?" The girl said "Bambi." And -- it was Dawn. What was interesting is she said,
"You know, I have been thinking about you every single day. For 22 years." What goes around,
sometimes you carry it with you too. So there's a message there.

Now let's go to "7 Generations." (He looks at Nadine) I always make a full circle.

Nadine: Yeah (and smiling. Nadine realizes Richard brought it all around and together from
the beginning.)

Richard: I am The Continual Loop.

Nadine: Yeah.

Richard: Now you're going to learn how to travel through time and Space.

Nadine: right.

Richard: Okay, "7 Generations."

Nadine: Seven
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