Richard: and we go forward with lights. So now you can see. And I'm going to show you THIS.
This is where I'm going (looking at Nadine), and, you know where I am going you just don't know
where I'm going Yet ! I'm going right away. And It's Called ... (Richard leans over and whispers
in Nadine's ear "Save As") And it's called "Save As."

Nadine: Oh, that's right !

Richard: "Save as." Okay. "Save As."

Nadine: That's r-i-g-h-t.

Richard: Look at the progression I have taken with this show already. I'm going somewhere.
This Is Exposure. Now watch this. You know we used to live in a Society --and we talked about

Nadine: -- uh huh. We did ?

Richard: we used to live in a Society where we -- wrote things on paper.

Nadine: Oh yeah. Now everything is computerized.

Richard: Everything that we ever lived. Right. So okay we always wrote things on a piece of
paper. So we always had a "Hard copy." You never had to think about it. When you wrote it
on a piece of paper you put it on the side and you did not have to worry about it.

But now Life has brought your intellect into: a Black Screen. Where you share a communication
of intellect. And it's teaching you a wider Maturity of your "self." But you don't know it. You
see it everyday, but you don't know it.

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Nadine: There are people who are very knowledgeable but they're not open.

Richard: Okay, there are. Very knowledgeable. But they are not open. They are in their own little
World. You know it's like "Okay -- We know it all." You know what ? It's like (a politician) once
said: "Facts Change." Yeah right ! There's a Liar talking to you in your face. Cause "Facts"
never change. If Facts change then they're a Lie -- cause they're not a Fact. That's the bottom
line. But you know ...

Nadine: But what about ...

Richard: Wait a minute. I want to come to this.

Nadine: Okay.

Richard: I want to come to this. It's the statement of -- you know: It's not about "what you think"
you know. It is about: "what Is."

Nadine: But sometimes during occurances or happenings there'd be different "perceptions" ?

Richard: Okay. But that doesn't necessarily make it "The Absolute", does it ?

Nadine: That's true.

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"Save As." A discussion about Life.
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Little Girl: Totally Cool
Richard: Louder Louder
Richard: That's Maria

Richard: - we were talking about "20,000
Leagues Under The Sea" (Jules Verne).

Nadine: Right.

Richard: Okay -- and it was about the Nautilus submarine. Which was a Nuclear submarine
that was powered on its own in the early 1800's. That was science fiction in the early 1800's.
A Nuclear Submarine. Powered by its own power. But then you know we came along and
developed a Society. Because Nature came along and developed us, as a Society. And we
made -that submarine- become real. A 150 years later we were riding around in The USS
Nautilus. A submarine that was -- nuclear powered on its own. So Fiction becomes

Richard & Nadine: Reality.

Richard: Right. Now you have got to look at what you are living in today. Did Life like --
prepare all this ??? For instance, I would say ... the "Tape recorder." You know people
look at things like: "Oh I got a tape recorder."

Nadine: uh huh.

Richard: But what do you think that tape recorder was ? I think the question is: Where do you
think you got the idea to invent the tape recorder ??? Nature gave it to you.

Nadine: Okay, yeah ...

Richard: Because it was showing a demonstration. It was showing how things Can Be Recorded.
Verbatim. Like the moments of your Life and everything you do being recorded -- on your own
soul. Well if it can be recorded on a piece of tape and Nature gave you the tape recorder to
show you it can be recorded ... how can you say Nature does not have a Tape Recorder running
on you. Well -- how about it is going to know what you do from Lifetime to Lifetime and in your
travels. Now we are going to get where I wanted to go. Did you hear where I went ? "Lifetime
to Lifetime."
Nadine: Lifetime to lifetime.

Richard: I'm gonna do it ! I did not intend on doing this yet. But if we're going to do it -- I said,
Let's do it ! If we are going to be back on the air !

We will all learn how to be humble and be compassionate and we will do good things. But I want
to go here. And here is where I want to go ...

Nadine: Okay.

Richard: Who wakes up ... remember this question ... who wakes up after the last breath ???

Nadine: Well ... we all do.

Nadine & Richard: Ahhhh.

Richard: Okay. Because I had a conversation -- well I have thrown that around lately. It's
kind of like, we were talking about Fiction becoming real. Well how about Life putting together
something that is fiction to show you something that is kind of real. Something called: "The
Matrix." So which do you want -- do you want the blue pill or the red one ? If you are sitting
in front of this TV right now you already took the red one and we're going to wake you up.

And this is What It Is About ... I asked somebody. I asked a woman. And I asked a number
of people. Only one person was able to whip around and whip around, that was David Hebble,
with the answer in one note ! Not discussed. Not prompted. Not anything. He came around
with the answer in one note. I asked this question and I said, "Who wakes up after the last
breath ???"
Richard: (looking at the camera, at you the Viewer) Here's my question to you -- how would
you know which is the dream ? How would you know if all of this was a dream or not, unless
you woke up ? Well what if all of this was created so that you can experience a 3 - dimensional
existence. So that we can touch (Richard hugs Nadine) and feel

Nadine: yeah

Richard: and communicate. And have all of these lessons. But really, this is a vacation.
Because Life goes on. And you go on. So the question that I asked the woman was, the
question: "Who wakes after the last breath ???"

Nadine: What did she say ?

Richard: She turned around and went "Nobody." And I whipped around and went: "Wrong --
Every body." Well her mouth dropped to the floor. Cause you know why ? In one note (Richard
snaps his fingers): She woke up. Because it wasn't -maybe- she didn't know what she was talking
about or maybe she did. She didn't know. And she knew that. She had no absolute proof. But I
brought forward something that was maybe the Fear that you have -- who wakes up after the last
breath. You Do. Every -body- does. Life is continual okay. So if you think you are going to go
out and hurt people and get away with it, whether you're a politician or whether you are some
mugger on the street or some shyster just doing some business on Wall Street you ain't never
getting away with it. Because you know what Nature might do ?

Nadine: What comes around goes around.

Richard: You see we travel through Life. We are Travelers through Time and Space. So what
Nature might do, it might create this World where it progresses an Earth with dinosaurs who do
a lot of shitting on the Earth. Because this way that makes the fossil Fuel so that we have the oil
so that when we create the electricity we have the fuel for it. And we go forward ...

Nadine: It's true. That's true.

Richard: Yeah well - what if you do have to answer to someone ??? What if someone sends in
The Judge who said. "You know, I'm so angry. If you screw up here I'm going to get you there."

Nadine: (nodding her head ... yes.)

Richard: Now what are we talking about ? What did Nature teach you ??? It taught you THIS
and you don't know it. Go To Your Computer - LEARN. We have been here. And I'll bet
you have been there. How many times have you worked 3 hours on a computer but you didn't
"Save" ? You didn't "Save" along the route.

Nadine: (raises her hand and whispers) me.

Richard: And all of a sudden your computer Crashed ! And what happened because you did not
"save" ???? You - lose - everything.

Nadine: Right.

Richard: You Lose Everything. So what is happening here is that Mother Nature took you out
of this primitive state of writing on paper and brought you to the intellect of the Prophets, of the
Future. Brought in Bill Gates. Brought in Thomas Edison (the lightbulb and motion pictures).
Brought in Orville Wright (the airplane). Brought in ...

Nadine: But now we can expand even larger.

Richard: Right.

Nadine: Because of all this.

Richard: Right. Now what it did -- It brought you the thing that you can "Preserve" all of History
with. And that is "The Computer."

Nadine: Right.

Richard: But it is showing that if -- it is teaching you: If You Do Not "Save" This World --
"Save As" ... as is ... it will Never be the same again.

Nadine: That's true.

Richard: And You Will Lose.
Work 12 hours on a computer. Hit the wrong button or save it in the wrong file and wipe over
another 2 days of work and see what it is like when: You can NEVER retrieve what you lost.
You will hurt and you will cry.

Nadine: God ...

Richard: Are You Understanding what I am saying to you ? Are you understanding the value
of the Time ? This is an "Awakening."

See. I did not come back all this time. Why ? Why should I waste my time --
And I know who I am. Do you know who you are ???

There's this thing that I mentioned to you -- about things that you know. Like people think
they know it all.

Nadine: Yeah. yeah.

Richard: You know, it's like (people saying to their self), oh -- I'm so full of Ego and I know it all.
And how could you be right ? And why should I stop my World to listen to you ??
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Nadine: I think it's a good thing though.

Richard: Yeah. Because you know why ? Because this is going to happen right now. (Richard
turns and looks at the TV audience.) What Is It Teaching You ??? What Is Nature Trying To
Teach You ? Well you want to know what - you don't even know - you wouldn't even know if The
Prophet was standing in front of your face because you don't want to know. But you know what ?
You wouldn't even know if Nature was teaching you something. Because You Don't Want To Know.
But it is. And you better learn -- before you die. Because if you don't: You Got A Big Problem.

Nadine: Or maybe sometimes people get caught up.

Richard: No. No.

Nadine: No ?

Richard: They want to remain in the oblivion. Because this way they can be negligent and do
whatever they want to whoever they want and not be responsible. Because as people might think:
"what do I have to worry about, I am going to die in a hole, and I don't have to answer to anyone."

Nadine: There's those people, yeah.
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