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" Intelligent TV For
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Totally Cool
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Totally Cool
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The Controversy Series
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2000 - 2001
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The Hereafter ...
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"I would say to be
Totally Cool ...
and just have a lot of
hard passion doing it",
Magic Johnson
- Basketball Great -
Totally Totally Cool in the World
to me is "Justice." Dr. Mathilde Krim
World Famous A.I.D.S. & Molecular Research
If I had to choose one film to be
lost on a desert island with ???
"Pinocchio" -- Clive Barker,
author of "Hell Raiser."
Cool -
You can't buy Cool. You can't
Learn Cool. You got to be it .
7th Avenue New York Fashion
Betsey Johnson.
"The Coolest thing about me is
that I have friends who really care
about me." Bobby Valentine ...
Manager of the New York Mets.

" What is Totally Cool to me --
and I have been talking about it all
day is: taking a Hot Bath with room
service as I'm getting my feet rubbed.
And you're going to do that for me
right now -- " Cindy Margolis
With Two Eyes On The World !
"Follow Your Dreams." Rob Angel
creator of The Game "Pictionary."

Judge Joe Brown -- "What did you do in your
life that is going to make it better for somebody
else who comes along behind you ???
Cool In Reality Is About The Essence Of Your
Soul. It's got to be about what you're all about,
where you're coming from, where you're going
to, and what you're trying to leave as you're
going through: there it is."
-- Judge Joe Brown
Totally Cool Takes You There
The Rolling Stones
Under The Brooklyn Bridge
(aired 20 times in one week, 40
times in a month)

Naughty By Nature
Salt 'n' Pepa
The Jerry Garcia Band
Kenneth Cole
de la Renta
Marithe + Francois
Victoria's Secret
7th on Sixth
The Net
The Sopranos
The Host: How do you feel about
your Talent being yours opposed
to being stereotyped because you
are so and so's daughter ?
The Lady: That's why I dropped my
name. So I could find that out. And I've
been working. So hopefully that says
something. That I've been able to work
enough and become an actress without it.
The Host: Based on your own person.
The Lady: Yes (and she smiles).
Angelina Jolie, Oscar Winning Actress.
Totally Cool is an Internationally
Registered Trademark- U.S, France,
Spain, Japan, others.
1994 - 2001 +

Edited Trailers
If You Had The
Opportunity To
Say Anything You
Wanted To The World,
anything at all: what
would You say ???
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Gerry Ford: " What's This X Factor ?"
The "X Factor" Is Energy, Eileen Ford.
Ford Models.

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