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PolyGram Tempo rds

Jewelry designer, artist and model.
Gurmit designs jewelry which
reflects uniqueness of experiences.
Her work serves as an extension
of Life. Bold nature inspired pieces
in her collection of emeralds from
Jaipur, Antwerp diamonds, rose
quartz, pearls from India and 18
karat gold from Brussels projects
the confidence embodied by the
women who wear them. Gurmit's
work combines the glamour of the
Western world and the mysteries
of Eastern cultures. Born in a small
Malay village outside of Singapore
where she studied sculpture ...
Gurmit left home at the age of
nineteen to escape an arranged
marriage. She then found herself in
Brussels where she studied jewelry
and met Belgium's leading sculptor
Olivier Strebelle. On a trip to Paris
Gurmit was discovered by Yves
St. Laurent, who then launched her
career as a model.
Gurmit then moved to Paris and walked the runways for the most distinguished couturiers, ranging from
Karl Lagerfeld to Versace and Christian Lacroix. After modeling for 5 years, in the mid 1990's Gurmit put
her Runway career on pause to complete her jewelry studies in Brussels. She has since exhibited her jewelry
and sculpture around the globe from Italy to Paris, Belgium, Holland, and Tokyo. Gurmit's influences for her
designs are nature (the jungle, the beach and the forest), fashion, fine art and even mathematics. Gurmit's
results are a collection where each design is as individual as the flowers found in The Hanging Gardens of
Babylon. As an example Monarch
Migration is a necklace inspired
by the migration of the Monarch
butterfly. Every creation from
Gurmit's collection is a "micro-
sculpture" of art unto itself. Her
dramatic collection of nature
inspired jewelry is available at fine
retailers, Bergdorf Goodman and
Neiman Marcus. Heavenly Bodies.
photo: Fabien De Cugnac
Orgie Of Infinites
Necklace - Gurmit
Did Someone Say Accessories !

The Word
Here Is
Jewelry !
Azzedine Alaiia Knitwear
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