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Some people forget how
fast, how hard a Greyhound
can run. People make a lot
of money from their Talent:
For The Sport. But once
their running days slow
down they have no where
to go. No one wants them.
That is when some of the
"coolest" recognize these
loving creatures need help.
And watch out. Because
Greyhounds Go Glamorous.
Together each year with
people from the fashion
and film communities.
If you know someone who has some space and might like
a very dedicated friend who needs a home, or if you want
to participate with some contribution, you might contact
Greyhoud Friends Inc. ( They are
a non-profit organization dedicated to finding good homes
for the thousands of greyhounds whose lives are at risk
once their racing careers are over. "Greyhounds Go
Glamorous" is an evening of Glitz and Glamour with top
designers, high fashion models and chic sleek greyhounds
strutting their stuff for their own charity. A whimsical
challenge for a designer to create a pair of one-of-a-kind
outfits ... an ensemble for the model and a matching coat
for the greyhound. At the end of The Runway Show the
canine coats are auctioned off and the proceeds go to the
greyhounds. On this evening the greyhounds led the way
at The Arader Gallery on Madison Avenue in New York
City. Wait a minute, is there an Angel under those wings ?
Anne Bowen, Nancy Whitney, and Bill Blass played hosts
to some famous faces. Fuggetabout it. The Greyhound
is a wonderful breed that likes to be close and show the
warmth of its nature. It is a dog that can run with lightning
speed. They require little care in the grooming department
-- a bath every now and then does fine. A soft brushing on
occasion means you love them more than For The Sport.
And they are one of man's best friends. Wanna Bet ? We
heard Tony's got two grand down in the 3rd. Inside tip.
I know there is
a home out there
for me and my friends.
How do I look?
Good, no ?
I like Pink.
So I'm not
a poodle.
So what.
Greyhounds Go Glamorous
photos by Bettina Cirone.
c. All Rights Reserved.
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