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Gift Ideas - Special Section
Totally Cool The MagaZine

The MagaZine
A Round The World
with David Hebble

by Bettina Cirone
and Ian Jerolmack
Autumn Issue.

Gifts List Index
Holiday Gift Ideas
Stay Tuned
There is more Coming.
Sing: on the last last week
of ...
Skin Tight
Photos: Alberto Rizzo

On page Music Talent:
Boughs Of Holly
The Christmas Attic
Atlantic Lava Records

The Story Begins - Part 1
Gifts List 1 - You Are Here
Holiday Gifts
It's Here !
Look at Yourself.
One of the nicest gifts
you will ever give ... or receive.
Holiday Gifts

more good stuff
Sing: On The Last
Week Of Christmas
My True Love Said
To Me - a partridge
in a pear tree.
We know the song
does not go like that
but it was Fun, wasn't
it ? That is what the
Holidays are supposed
to be about: Fun.
Smile. Have Fun.
Even if it's hard to.
Smile. You'll Like it.

Part IV Bonus
Special Thanks to all the
Editors, Contributors,
Friends, Public Relations
people (each hard working
person), the Companies
who present innovative
ideas, and the people who
make quality products.
Last Minute
Shopper try:
Music / Videos
DVDs / Computers

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Stuffers - This is Funny

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