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The Finale

Spring 2001
Basically, the Editor was
sent to get some video
tape and find out what
Buckwheat Zydeco was
all about. While the tape
was recording this one
photographer kept yelling
at the band to play certain
songs the photographer
was looking to hear. The
Editor tried to explain --
to kindly keep it down,
because she needed the
tape footage "and audio"
for TV so hundreds of
thousands of people could
be on the "Plugged In" (c.)
side and see the show.
That did not work so there
came the tit-for-tat. Then
it got to me. I was not
very happy since it was
me who sent the Editor
to get the footage. They
pointed the Lensman out
to me at the Zang Toi
Fashion Show.
I stormed off knowing this was not good. I
thought about it more and went back down
stairs at Zang Toi and told both of them,
the Editor and photographer: I was pissed
because both being my friends I was in the
middle. So it was simple I got more angry
for them putting me there and told them
both: "You work it out." But watch this.
What it was really all about is the photog
loved this Musicial band and what they do.
As do many of my more hipper friends.

I had the video footage but had not
gotten a chance to look at it. Then I
got a pre-release copy of the music
CD "Down Home Live." This is
the story I promised I would tell. It
is the story of "regrets." I live my
Life in a manner in which I have
"No Regrets." None. I make sure
to do my best not do anything to
have "regrets." And that is how
I maintain my every day. Then
there was a day I had one regret.
Here is the story.
True to form I am the nicest person you
will ever want to meet ... unless you do
harm to others. Then you do not want me
in sight. I ripped right into that person.
And I don't give a damn who they work
for. Now I was between two people and
worst of all I knew the photographer. I
would even call this person "my friend."
The Photographer was excited to be
there. And that is all it was. As I
later learned I could not blame the
photographer. But ... what did he
know that I had not reached yet ?
That is what this story is about.
I got this CD. I put it next
to my computer and the CD
player. I leave it there and
look at it. For 3 weeks. I
never play it. Just look at it.
EVERY DAY. Buckwheat
Zydeco - Down Home Live.
One day, in the 4th week, I
pop it in the Music box and
give it a play. That was the
first day I had a real regret.
Do you know why ? Do
you know what was my one
"regret" ??? I regret ... that
I actually waited 3 weeks
before I played this album.
I was missing something I
could have had in my Life
all that time. A lot of fun.
On page Music Credit:
Hard To Stop
BuckWheat Zydeco
Down Home Live
Tomorrow Records

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