A bit of Family History. Louis Cartier (1875 - 1942) portrayed here at the age of 29
by Emile Friant. It was he who made the decision to move Cartier's main store to
the rue de la Paix in 1899. In that same period he introduced and added the art of
platinum to the Cartier legacy.
Richard Renda
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One of our favorite pieces is this ... the "Panther Riviere" watch in platinum,
diamonds, and sapphires. The bracelet has 3 rows of baguette cut diamonds
bordered on each side with baguette cut sapphires. The Panther hides the dial.
Cartier 1986.
The Jeweler's Art
Congratulations !!!
150 Years
Cartier - A Jeweler's Art
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Happy Birthday ! And many Congratulations !!!

150 Years ... of Cartier. "Where Jewelry Is Art."
From the Legends of The Professional Fashion Stylists
... the best of them will tell you that not only is Cartier
some of the finest works in the world, but that they are
also some of the nicest people to work with. Many
times when this writer has been involved in those high
end Fashion Shoots -- whether it was for Departures
American Express Platinum Card Holders' Magazine, or
Esquire Men's Magazine, or Harper's Bazaar, or the so
many others, Cartier has never said "we can not help
you." These are people you want to know about. If
you are ever in New York City, stop by their Fifth
Avenue store and take a peek. If for nothing else,
just to experience what Cartier is really all about.
Tiara in platinum, blue steel, diamonds,
and rubies from the Cartier Paris 1914
collection. This Tiara was made for the
sister of the Queen of Romania.
Bracelet Watch in Platinum, Diamonds, Onyx, and Pearls.
Cartier Paris 1924 Collection
Parakeet brooch in Platinum, Gold, Diamonds,
Yellow Diamonds, and an Emerald - 1969.
Chimera bangle bracelet in Platinum, Gold, round Rubies,
Emeralds, and Diamonds. Paris - 1960.
For more reading material on "Platinum by Cartier" trying finding (in a
library or out of print book store) "Triumphs of the Jewelers' Art" by
Franco Cologni and Eric Nussbaum. You will definitely enjoy it.
This is the "Sultan"
Panther brooch.
Emerald eyes,
platinum and
diamonds, and
markings in
circa. 1990
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